Friday, December 11, 2009

Family Still Matters





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  1. I’m glad you know that Gwen girl. She needs to quit effin smoking pot when she’s pregnant though. What a GREATT mother already!

  2. She’s not being a bad mother, she’s parenting the way she believes is right. She strongly believes that marijuana is a health-promoting drug, and uses it (as many women do and have done before) to relieve fatigue and nausea during her pregnancy.

  3. BTW Gwen goes as Gwen or Courtney, that’s why someone calls her Courtney in one of the comments.

  4. Are you high on crack and marijuana or completely fucking bonkers? Drugs and other materials affect people differently. The placenta cannot ‘filter’ out all of the harmful substances from reaching the baby – alcohol, paracetamol, tobacco to name a few. While there has been a significant number of babies who are physiologically unaffected, there is also a high number of babies who have been affected from physical deformations (such as Microcephaly) as well as impairing cognitive development. So Gwen may be a nice person, but she is obviously fucking retarded as are you for backing her inbred decision to smoke pot while pregnant!

  5. You mention alcohol, paracetamol, and tobacco, but not THC. Do you have a documented case of THC harming a fetus? I have looked, and I can’t find one.
    The only reason I can see it being potentially harmful is because, when you take the hit, you take in less oxygen than you should be in a normal breath, and therefore cut off some of the oxygen that should be flowing to the child. But it doesn’t seem so detrimental if you only take a few hits in one day. Not the same as smoking several cigarettes, where you would be depriving the baby of a significant amount of oxygen.
    Anyway, I’m not saying I would do the same thing, I’m only saying that it is her right to decide what she believe is right or wrong for her and her child, and I can’t criticize something that I don’t know for certain to be harmful.

  6. There are alot of inconsistent results in such studies. But I must ask you, why risk it? Or in your case why endorse (for lack of a better word) someone who is willing to risk the childs health for a quick buzz? Evidence or not she should be doing her best to make sure the child comes out safely with no disadvantages.
    Do me a favour. Read this and tell me that Gwen should not be criticised:

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