Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween Baby!


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  1. Maybe for Christmas they can stick him on top of the Christmas tree and shove candy cane up his nose…. That would be so cute.

  2. bueller. loolllllls

  3. actually ignore what i said before, i think the rules and fuck that little kid he or she wont remember!

  4. Boz is gay

  5. id fuckin cry aswell

  6. ushouldnotcomment

    GOD, YOU PEOPLE ARE IDIOTS! Spiderman- I like how you are woman-bashing and judging every single women by the comment you posted! You are such a fucking idiot and just because no woman wants to be with you, does NOT give you authority to say these kind of things about women! You are a loser and obviously a sexist, ignorant idiot! You need to get educated and learn a little about diversity and culture. The world would be better off without people like you!

    Babies can hold their heads up as early at two weeks old, and this baby is obviously older than that. And since NONE of you actually know how old this baby is, you should all shut your mouths. And you can’t even tell if this baby is crying, just because it’s mouth is open doesn’t mean that it’s crying! Babies cry and make weird faces all the time for no reason! Anyone that has kids should know that, obviously none of you do!

    The weather is completely irrelevant, for all you know this picture could have been taken in Hawaii or Florida where the temperature is warm. I doubt that any mother would take her baby outside in a onesie if the weather was cold!

    NONE OF YOU PEOPLE KNOW THE COMPLETE SITUATION of this picture so why are you judging this mother!? I’m sure you all are fucking saints and NEVER EVER do ANYTHING wrong or stupid. She obviously cares enough about her child to document events in it’s life. If she didn’t care she wouldn’t of went through the time to carve this pumpkin and take the picture. She’s probably a great mother and all of you are just ignorant assholes. GET A LIFE!

  7. I was really hating on the people who said this shit was child abuse, but now I’m hating on the person who posted above me.

  8. I agree with Boz, shutup you douche

  9. Well I really hate the person above me. Wanker.

  10. Damn, Amy you idiot. You messed that up. I hate you too.

  11. Gee Boz, why do you still hang around here. We all hate you, you wanker. Go back to sucking your gran off. No-one cares what you think.

  12. Lulz, I suck me granny off for teh fun of it.

  13. I really need to stop trolling Lamebook, I forgot I have not used my penis for 10 years.

  14. ushouldnotcomment is probably the girl in the picture…you are still a loser toots (and will call you toots even if you are a guy since that was a wussy post you left).

  15. Fuglyyyy.

  16. 71828182845904523536

    FakeBoz, how did you get to be so witty?

  17. I love it how most threads on the internet, no matter what the starting point, end up in people flaming other people they don’t know… sheesh

  18. The king of Belgium

    I don’t need to know the complete situation.
    The weight on that baby’s head is pulling him/her backwards, pushing his/her back against the edge of the pumpkin… but hey, cute picture !

    Another idea: dress your baby like a bat and hang it upside-down in a tree at night.
    Your friends on facebook would LOVE it !

  19. ushouldnotcomment

    i apologise, i am a female fucken idiot with daddy problems.

  20. ushouldnotcomment*

    No, I’m not a “female fucking idiot with daddy problems”. But you’re probably a fat virgin, who sits on his desk at his minimum wage job and flips back and forth between Lamebook and cheap porn. Get a life, you fucking losers.

  21. Needs a few more minutes under the broiler. Not crispy enough. Eyeballs should be fork tender.

  22. ushouldnotcomment. is obviously the mother. she’s pissed because everyone can see what a shitty parent she is.

  23. “She obviously cares enough about her child to document events in it’s life. If she didn’t care she wouldn’t of went through the time to carve this pumpkin and take the picture. She’s probably a great mother and all of you are just ignorant assholes. GET A LIFE!”

    Aahhh…so by your logic ushouldnotcomment..If you take the time to make your child ultra uncomfortable and document it that makes it ok?? So if I jammed my child into a pumpkin or some other small cavity of your overly tight arse..because I’d taken the time to prepare your arse and i take a photo that means I care about and love my baby?? Yuh-huh?!? make no sense..
    Oh..btw..maybe YOU should think more about not commenting? Because in all your haste to haze other people out about judging other people and telling them THEY’RE the losers for being on this sight (you know, the one you’re currently on..) you yourself are JUDGING people..that’s maybe instead of sitting on your arse on here you should maybe go get educated on proper baby care..and go look after your own child..probably a good idea to start by taking it out of whatever food item you currently have it cutely stuffed into I’d say..

  24. This one’s an easy argument.

    Child inside food = not ok
    Tying string under baby’s chin = not ok


  25. ushouldnotcomment*

    My father makes me shave my asshole before he fucks it.

  26. They even put the lid of the pumpkin on the baby’s head!!!! Thats cruel!!!

  27. This is so mean! That’s such a tiny little newborn sized baby! When they are that little they can hardly hold their own heads up! Why would you tie a heavy, sticky and stinky pumpkin top to your babies head!?! Then take pictures of it while it’s bawling crying. Obviously that is not a happy baby. How can parents be so cruel for their own weird enjoyment.

  28. Further more if you want your newborn to be dressed up and cute on Halloween, buy it a nice soft little kids pumpkin costume. Why is that so hard?
    Anyone who argues that this is ok to do to a small newborn child, would probably be an unfit parent. I mean it wouldn’t even be that big of a deal if the kid was a little older and a little bigger and had the strength to support/hold itself up. Even if maybe it didn’t actually look like it was crying and in pain it wouldn’t be that bad.
    For shame on these parents.

  29. You guys are all dumb. Obviously, you don’t know half the terrible stuff you’re parents and relatives did you to when you were a baby. The baby isn’t standing, it’s sitting on the ground. Putting a baby in a pumpkin isn’t going to fucking kill it. Babies are built to bounce and bend, that’s part of how babies are able to survive the first few years. Putting one in fruit isn’t child abuse/endangerment. Thinking it is is paranoia and, IMO, retarded.

  30. we’ll kick you in the balls’ll make you uncomfortable..but it wont kill thats not abuse?
    Babies are not MADE to bounce Jackass. The fact that they are limber doesnt mean you use that for your dumbarse amusement just because you can.. and I’m guessing most of your opinions are the retarded ones. Justifying tying stuff to an infant and stuffing it somewhere its obviously not comfortable because someone else did it to you, is just plain messed up…sounds like the calling card of a child molesterer..”My dad did it to me…so I do it to my kids coz its ok?!” Grow a braincell..

  31. child abuse

  32. That’s fucked up. The baby isn’t even old enough to hold it’s head up, and by the size of it and look of it’s skin it’s a maximum of a few months old. Parents need to be shot.

  33. I want to kick the parents in the genitals….

  34. This is 100% photoshop. You all fail.

  35. I don’t know which is more concerning.. The picture of the poor baby or the amount of people that think something like this would actually be okay to do..

  36. They put a baby in a fucking pumpkin, call the pope, wring your hands, the world is going to end.

  37. this is SOOOO messed up! that poor baby…who in their right mind would do something like this???? i mean, come on. it’s obvious the baby doesn’t like it. he/she can’t even hold their head up cuz the top of the pumpkin tied to them is too heavy. whoever did this is seriously fucked up….

  38. This is realy sad.. Why would someone do this? Why not just buy the fucking pumpkin costume from asda?

  39. it looks like it’s face needs, or already has a shitty skin graft. and yeah, why the fuck wouldn’t you buy the costume? this is NO anne geddes shit…i got a guy stompin on my roof but…this offends me more

  40. That baby was the only survivor when a truck carrying pumpkins crashed into a maternity ward. show a little respect

  41. This is what happens when a cumpkin is left to ferment for too long.

  42. 140+ comments on a badly shopped picture? The shadows are incorrect close to the body. This is cute because it never happened.

  43. yeah, that baby’s neck looks really uncomfortable and he looks to be only a few weeks old, poor judgement…

  44. From the looks of it, that baby is just barely not a fetus. I’m surprised its neck is still in tact.

  45. wow.. i made an account just to comment on this. that baby looks like its suffocating. its in obvious pain/discomfort.

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