Tuesday, February 12, 2013

He Works in Mysterious Ways…

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  1. Lord, have your wicked way with me.

  2. Which lord?

  3. Lord, stick it in.

  4. STEEEEEEEEEEEEVER! have your way with me

  5. Let’s see… Who can I have my way with today?…

  6. trohde@live.com.au

    oh lordy! our lord and savior, Voldemort.

  7. Could get awkward, guys tend not to like it when you call out their dad’s name in bed.

  8. Wow you really have to be careful with saying stuff like that. Just look at what happened with all those Catholic priests. Who knew they actually had consent?

  9. ^ are you making light of paedophilia? Not cool.

  10. ^ are you getting your jimmies rustled by a Lamebook comment? Not cool.

  11. ^ Are you flicking the bean again? That’s cool.

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