Friday, March 7, 2014

Hello TMI!

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  1. H.R. Poopinpants

    Just wear a brown outfit, Tiffany. Then everything will match.

  2. This was posted last week….

  3. I have a bunch of lame comments………..

  4. It’s not even real either. It’s part of a stupid game. If you comment or like the post they send you a message of several embarrassing posts, one of which you must choose and post yourself. The one I fell victim to said “how do you cure foot fungus?” You try to help someone and then they try to embarrass you. I just said, yeah I’m not doing that.

  5. H.R. Poopinpants

    I wiped my ass on a shower curtain once when I was in that situation. Never occurred to me to use my socks.

  6. The Beast Among Us

    And here I was trying to figure out why some evil parents would name their son Tiffany.

  7. Breakfast at Tiffany, for the Beast.

    If you keep trying to embarrass your friends, it’s your own fault if you get raped.

  8. Dr.LesterForeskin

    I just use a sponge that I keep next to the sink.

  9. Been there!

  10. Im em bear assed.

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    go to ths sit…………



  12. Scoot. Grass. Fin.

  13. You could have just washed…

  14. Straight in the shower, that’s what I do.

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