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  1. 1st

  2. Steve wasn’t that funny….

  3. Yeah he was

  4. I agree with #2 Steven wasn’t funny and Bryan’s a loser for showing such hero-worship

  5. Ta

  6. Yeah Steve definitely wasn’t that funny. Wasted lamebook post…

  7. What’s lame is that this made it onto lamebook. Snoozeville.

  8. Wise move Steve, Quidditchy junk is no joke. Unless she was Hermione-like, then anything’s worth it.

  9. I think Bryan and Steve have “experimented”

  10. Steve was funny – Bryan ruined it is all…

  11. @Yeep…

    What, in potions class?


  12. Allen from the Christmas office party

    Glad that Hermione (Emma Watson) is now 18. I no longer feel ashamed for wanting to see her golden snitch.

  13. jOjO – We’re all very proud of you. Congratulations, and I hope someone is paying you for your achievements.

    Also, I agree with StealthBanana. This is a lame lamebook post. Why is this even on here?

  14. Thanks everyone – you make this all possible. Oh and if you have a moment pop over to the “what a cock” thread. 200+ posts and neal has just made a big announcement. So get yourselves over there!

  15. No.8 PD = Peado (imho)

  16. I like little boys

  17. In all seriousness though, I just want to be loved.

  18. 15, who’s pd?

  19. And someone to love

  20. Sweetheart to miss

  21. Sugar to kiss

  22. pd = probable dyslexic

  23. Hard to believe that a girl who looks like Harry Potter has been around.

  24. You think it’s hard to believe? Guy s will fuck anything that spreads it’s legs. Women can give it away with no effort. It’s the guys that have to work for it.

  25. lulz! This is awesome.

  26. I’m a cock I’m a cock I’m a cock.

  27. jOjO really is retarded


    I’m stealing the Hogwarts line!

  29. #12 Allen …

    and kiss her in the Forbidden Forest ?

  30. I know this is wrong, but I actually found that pretty funny

  31. And “alohomora” that locked door of her’s open, so you can zoom in with your Nimbus 2000 and score!

  32. Steve is funny but mostly because he’s a giant tool, I’m laughing at him, not with him.
    Bryan is blurring the line between Bromance and Blowjobs.

  33. hahahahahah @ Elrando

  34. hahahahahahahaha

  35. Hey, is the girl from near Detroit? I know a skank near there who’d been around several blocks and won 2nd place in a Harry Potter lookalike contest.

  36. Harry puts hides his basilisk in hermiones chamber of secrets while ron drinks from ginnys goblet of fire

  37. @raven

    Not that Ron is Ginny’s brother or anything.

  38. @Skye

    You are not allowed to have my name.

  39. Are you serious? I was just browsing and found you both had stolen my name.

  40. @Skye, Skye & Skye

    What’s going on here? 3 people with the same name as me?! I was promised sole rights to this name by the owner of the internet.

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