Thursday, December 1, 2011

I Like It!

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  1. Please tell me that Jessica is under 15!

  2. Tom is a self-submitting douche, Richards is over-using an overused meme and someone please shoot Jessica in the face?

  3. well said gobbo! hear hear!

  4. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    Self-submission has never been so blatant.

  5. Tom is a twat.

  6. how is tom a twat? it was funny. lamebook got full of boring old cunts that think the internet is full of people that give a fuck what they think. its not. they dont. hush.

  7. Are you Tom?

  8. kiki, It has to be. That one wasn’t funny.

    Ok, I don’t care if it’s overused, the Xibit meme is pretty much my favorite meme.

  9. No, just sick of vaginally rigid cunts like you that come along and actually think that theyre 4 words are of importance. ciao now brown cow (i say cow because i assume you are fat)

  10. I like Jessica’s.
    If I hadn’t just dragged my sorry ass out of bed, I’d do one with stalky/rapey overtones. But I haven’t had coffee yet.

  11. 1st one was funny, except the self-submit was horrible.
    2nd one huh?
    3rd one is true. It just needs to be shortened and snazzed up

  12. Jessica does not understand. When I say ‘fuck the police’ I implicitly mean ‘tie the police up and fuck them in the ass with a knife till their shit causes blood poisoning that kills them.’

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