Thursday, September 3, 2009

I’m Enraged!!!! Part 2


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  1. Well Steve carefull how you behave, because she wont stand for any nonsense

  2. This is the same Steve and Tiffany as the previous post?

  3. Tiffany is classic: pounce-position, state of cat-like readiness. Then, before Steve has taken the bait, I imagine her having to start her shift at the supermarket, and they don’t allow you to use your phones when you’re on register. Too bad, so sad.

  4. @ C – is there more?

  5. I love how the post under this is from the same group of people.

    One big ball of lame!

  6. why is he on her shit anyways? that’s just unsanitary.

  7. Wow, these people really live in their own crappy little soap opera, don’t they?

    They should have a regular slot here – anyone want to suggest a title?

    I’m thinking ‘The Scold And The Pitiful’ or ‘Days Of Our Lame’ . . .

  8. That is the same Dan from the post below.

  9. Savannah (and Ray on the previous post)
    Don’t go spoiling the surprise – let people delight in the joy of discovering this patently obvious nugget of info for themselves.

  10. I think this site could be easily maintained if it were just a link to Tiffany’s news feed

  11. Engaged to that moody bitch? Call it off, Steve!

  12. This is the same Boz from the comments section of the previous post.

  13. Dan’s a funny guy.

  14. why not: STEPHEN is the best asshole u will ever meet!

  15. These people really should be culled, for the good of all mankind.

  16. Chicks are crazy, they`ll mess with your head.

  17. Dan is so girly, dont know many guys who say “yay”.

  18. This may be the same Flip lamefatuated by the same Boz from the comments section of the previous post.

  19. @Flip

    You’re barking up the wrong tree. I make myself so completely avaiable that all your clever stalking strategies will be of no use.

  20. Has no-one else noticed that they are engaged & yet Tiffany keeps spelling his name ‘Stephen’ when clearly it’s ‘STEVEN’.. I’d be worried if my own fiance couldn’t spell my name??

  21. It’s not Steven. Steve is short for Stephen.

  22. these are same tiffany(apparently goes as tippy) , steve and dan from the previous post.
    drama on these people s lives never ends ,it seems

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