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  1. @ Rebecca

    I would argue that open-minded people aren’t so easily offended. The “douchebaggery” is for the lamesters, gimps and morons who are the subject of the articles. If I said (instead of open-minded) that people were being unneccesaryly uptight and too concerned about how others view them as people are too concerned about coming across as uncaring, would you take your IQ points back? There is nothing wrong with not giving a fuck.

  2. Rebecca, I said go away. By the way, you spell your name wrong.

  3. Didn’t ratcoon used to be funny? Who pissed in your cornflakes, sweetcheeks?

  4. Also: the lamest thing about this post is the admin who saved the screen shot as “InkensEtive.” Come on, guys. If you’re going to poke fun at spelling errors other people make, at least keep a dictionary handy.

  5. @ ratcoon

    You mean she spells her name *incorrectly*.

    Also, the old joke about “lamebook needs its own lamebook – a ‘lamelamebook’ if you will” joke is wearing very, very thin.

  6. I said joke twice. Sorry.

  7. @Erin Im retty sure there are two ratcoons. Like a normal ratcoon and a blue ratcoon. I think the one you are refering to as “used to be funny” is normal ratcoon, not blue ratcoon.

  8. @Boz saying ‘if you will’ is awesome. You’re awesome.

  9. Arf The Crime Dog


  10. erin. (54)

    in “ken” sitive –pretty sure the spelling is on purpose.

  11. that’s just funny.

  12. @31: THANK YOU for bringing ED into this. 🙂

    ken win!

  13. @vjmw – That part I got. But let your cursor hover over the image. They spell it “sEtive” rather than “sItive.” Not a biggie, just kind of silly given that the lameness of the post started with a spelling error.

  14. These comments are squarely divided into two people:

    1) Hypocrites who usually laugh at other fails but when it hits too close to home, get butthurt.
    2) Assholes who genuinely enjoy a good quip at the expense of a mourning friend.

  15. Billy Wilders Dead Monkey

    raab and levi are the only non cunts in this comment section

  16. I laughed out loud and have been giggling every few minutes since i read this…Smashingly funny…F*%k’em if they can’t take a joke! Thanks Ken!

  17. I so would do the same thing. I always correct my friends therefore I can’t get mad at Ken for doing what I would have done.

  18. ahahahaha

    I love Ken.

  19. Ken is my hero.

  20. pmsl. ken is awesome

  21. people, do not click on Yup’s link. that’s an example of a piece of shit person who should be shot repeatedly in places that will hurt but sustain life until everyone has had a chance to piss in his/her eyes.

  22. Time and a place Ken, time and a place.

  23. Agreeing with Sarah here. If she’d been talking about having seen the movie Coma or, having come back from Thanksgiving dinner, talked about being in a food coma, or was posting about her uncle being OUT of a coma, and had spelled it “comma” each time, then Ken’s joke would’ve been funny. Ha ha hee hee happy times for everyone. But, as Sarah said, there is a “time and a place” for that sort of thing, and that time and place is clearly not at that moment.

  24. What a shame it was a brain tumour and not bowel cancer… ‘coz if they removed part of his bowel, he’d have a semi-colon

  25. Holy shit, hahaha, #74 that is brilliance.

  26. I’m with James goddamn Uncle Jerky that is utterly brilliant
    #74 you should be working on the space programme or some shit…you are a genius…..although Im not entirely sure there is call for a comic genius on the space programme but you get the idea..

  27. What a shame it was their Auntie, they could’ve had a comma, semi-colon and period all at once!

  28. What a shame it wasn’t their Auntie, they could’ve had a comma, semi-colon and period all at once!

  29. But I bet she’s ‘typo negative’….

  30. ^ Win.

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