Friday, July 9, 2010

It’s a Hit!

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  1. As nice as it would be if that was real, I declare it fake. It sounds much too scripted for me to believe it, though I do believe that this situation has been played out many, many times for real.

  2. MsBuzzkillington

    I find it interesting that everyone believes that this post is fake, but hardly anyone thought the “America I want” posting was fake. That was was clearly sarcastic and this one is 50/50.

    Get your fake/real radars checked.

    Just because they can spell and type correctly doesn’t mean they aren’t idiots.

  3. MsBuzzkillington

    Also, if people are really making stuff up just to get on lamebook and making it… I am going to be really disappointed. I have submitted a lot of legitimate stuff and it’s never made it on here.


    ha ha ha holy shit, this isnt fake the dudes name is Mike SInclair and he is a fucking douchebag, i went to school with him. im positive its him because i just re-added him as a friend. the dude one time crashed his car drunk into a bus stop and put it on facebook and got charged he is 100% retarded LOL


    oh and he paints pictures and thinks thats a job but now he is trying to sell weed on his facebook, lol grade A douche

  6. krasivaya_devushka

    You know, giving out his last name makes you a douche as well!

  7. I don’t know what state they are in but I’m pretty sure in the state of Michigan it is not a crime to hit a dog and keep going. The law states the owner has a responsibility to keep their pets on a leash and controlled and if they are out in the streets they are causing a hazard to passing motorists and pedestrians. Therefore I seriously doubt the cops showed up to deal with something as simple as a dog being hit.

  8. blastthexradioo

    I don’t know what state they are in either but where I live if you hit anything bigger than a cat you have to report it. So that would include said dog.

  9. I might be wantin’ some blue chesse with my bbws.

  10. @slippyslappy, to be honest if this is real I don’t think Mike’s smart enough to properly understand all the laws of the great land of America.

  11. ThatsNotPoetry

    Lookit you, calling people names on the internet like you just proved the sky was blue! I bet you feel pretty good, huh little fella?

  12. Here, if you hit a dog you get free auto insurance for a year and a trip to Disney Land. If you’re drunk you just get a little write up in the newspaper.

  13. Who in hear really cares if it is fake? I wanna see a show of hands.

    Thats what I thought, we all still laughed.

  14. porkchop_sundae

    park brake differential is weakening

  15. I found this funny enough to read out to my wife. She didn’t think it was funny though – even though I put on really good redneck voices, one deep and one nasally.

  16. Shopped.

  17. This post seems very much like dontevenreply. Does anyone agree?

  18. @slippysloppy – in texas it is a crime to run over someone’s pet or an animal bigger than a cat and not stop and either tell the owner or call 311.

  19. I don’t know, the thought of having to listen to 311 would probably induce me to just keep driving.

  20. mike’s a TWAT

  21. Fuck Mike. I hope he gets mauled by a rabid grizzly bear.

  22. mike.. why dont you just go back and hit the woman then russel can get another 300 and take us all out to lunch

  23. i hate when somebody writes n e one instead of anyone GRRR! MAKES ME ANGRY!

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