Friday, April 29, 2011


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  1. Fist

  2. Must be true love if first thing you know you were fuckin. That’s how I can always tell

  3. The only part of this that was somewhat amusing was “speed mumps”…. How does that work?

  4. I had speed mumps in third grade. It sucked, but I was back to school the next day.

  5. Yeah let me know when you find out how to have three “twins and shit”, I’ve been wanting to figure that out for a long time.

  6. I also want a ceremoney… Wait… no, I just want the money.

  7. I give it about three weeks. Make sure you get the facebook break up Lamebook.

  8. I want to the world too.

  9. I also could use some ceremoney. Is that the term used for the dollars people tuck in the bride’s garter?

  10. ♫I met her on a Monday and my heart stood still
    Ja doo Ron Ron Ron Ja doo Ron Ron
    Luckily you’re a whore so your vag got filled
    Ja doo Ron Ron Ron Ja doo Ron Ron ♫

  11. Here’s the meaning I believe he was trying to get across…

    My beloved,

    I have only just departed from your abode and already I am missing you darling. Never before have I been with anyone like you…and because of you, my love, I have the sensation of butterflies flitting about in my stomach. <3 <3 <3 You are the absolute peak of perfection! I cannot wait to settle down and begin a family with you. <3 <3 <3 I still wish to have three children with you, as we have previously discussed. I especially want twins! I am currently unsure as to how we can have to best possible chance of procuring twins, but I assure you, I will research the topic further. haHA! <3 <3 <3 I do so love when we are engaged in moments of intimacy, among other things. I also know that while we may have been involved in regrettable altercations of past times, we have mustered through them as strong as ever! Grasping the entirety of our bond, the fights past, seem ever so insignificant in the present. I desire to be your Prince Charming, and you, can by my Princess! Often, I reminisce of that evening we first became acquainted with one another…and shortly thereafter, we were locked into deep and wild throes of passion! I do not even care to reserve myself! I wish for the WORLD to know how incredible a bond we share! To know how deeply we want to pursue holy matrimony with one another, with a enormous ceremony, that all of our familiars and loved ones will attend in our Honor! Then as such, "til' death do us part", we will be together for the remainder of our natural lives…and when the bonds of life are broken, our bond shall remain justly strong as we ascend into the celestial heavens as one love shared! My feelings of love for you shall never waver! <3 <3 OH! AS I FLOAT ADRIFT ON THIS CLOUD OF PASSIONATE BLISS, HOW I CRY TO THE HEAVENS ABOVE AND HOW I SHOUT TO THE WORLD BELOW, I DO EVER LOVE YOU SO!

    ~~~Nothing but the purest of Love do I give to you, my darling, my life, my absolute everything…~~~

    Ja'Ron yo

  12. Soup…. holy shit. I just died at work.

  13. I read the first 5 words, and the last 5 words. That was all I needed to read to know that it sucked.

  14. Ceci n'est pas un nom

    @Soup: Brilliant!!!

  15. My keyboard is covered in Ramen noodles. Yuk.

  16. CommentsAtLarge

    “I love when we just fuckn around n shit like that” should be inscribed on thier wedding bands.

    Soup, well played sir, well played.

  17. CommentsAtLarge

    *their (damn)

  18. ifitwerentformyhorse

    Nice one, Soup.

    I too would like some twins and shit, but without the speed mumps. That just sounds nasty.

  19. etownegeatgmaildotcom

    my new pick up line: “yp, wanna have some twins nd shit?”

  20. Would it be racist if I were to assume Ja’Ron is probably an African American????

  21. There are quite a lot of Ja’Rons on facebook.

  22. That black guy better be kidding Emily.

  23. The comment section needs more witty white people. At least witty, if anything.

  24. Three kids, twins and shit. I feel bad for the shit kid.

  25. Pass me the vomit bag.

  26. @Soup, that was gold.

  27. While soup made me smile, rogue made me laugh. out loud!

  28. “work through lil bumps” = daddy deals Plan B.

    “speed mumps” = gash and junk swelling caused by falling through the “n next think u know” time warp.

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