Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Jeepers Creepers!

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  1. Aww Divine, you touch my heart.

    It has been a while, and the riding crop will live long in lamebook history. word and I just recently had a little reminiscing about that!

    As much as I’d like to indulge in our lusty business, I fear it is too late in the evening for me to truly enjoy our time. It’s well after 1am here and it is a work day (sadly), but I can promise that one day we can relive that satisfying and scandalous evening together!

  2. DivineMonkeyTrigger

    I touch your heart? You spelt …. wrong.

    I didn’t mean now, but yes, some day in the not too distant future fine maiden…

  3. bollywood, I might be missing something, (I seem to be of late) but what the fuck??

    You killed the buzz I had going there after reading good ol’ Joe’s seduction routine.

  4. Oh, and hey Divinemonkey, been a long time buddy, do hope you’ve been keeping well.

  5. Miss Shegas, love love love your comment.

    That has made my whole day and evening girlfriend, thanks.

  6. what I find odd … is that I have a Morgan on my friends list that’s a little ‘like button’ happy.

    I also noticed a ‘Jake’ had commented … which also is odd, because that’s my brothers name.

    I recently told my 15 year old sister about Lamebook … and also taught her how to do screenshots … oh dear GOD ! WHAT HAVE I DONE !

  7. Joe would get it, even though the fantasy was a bit vanilla and predictable, he offered oral which can never be turned down.

  8. It’s really, really distubing to see a comments page full of your name (Morgan.) Thankfully, i’ve never done that.

  9. I’ve done it

  10. Awww at least Billy is holding off until she is of age. How sweet and considerate. 😛
    Liking everything is nothing… my little sister and her friend bombed her friend’s ex-boyfriend’s page with comment after comment from each of their accounts until the entire visible page was from them (obviously if you’d clicked the “show older posts” point it wouldn’t have all been from them). Very immature but I found it hilarious.
    Joe… care to change that career chase to Australia? I can drive you absolutely wild.

  11. hitmewithyourrhythmvic

    I can almost guarantee that Joe’s band ain’t gonna make it.

  12. Paranoid Android

    I have nothing to add save some ‘buzz’ words:- WIN, Fail, Epic Fail, FTW, FML, Ben, Frodo, Does not have a pool.

    Delete where appropriate.

  13. bollywood_rocks83

    DIVINEMONKEYTRIGGER,it was a typo. I meant years.People are allowed to make mistakes,ok? Pendejo!
    wordpervert, I was replying to misslaurarae.

  14. hitmewith, you got that right.

    bolly, fair enough.

  15. Wow. Joe, calm it down a little. My pants are wet.

  16. hi guys. long time lurker, first time poster.

    what bothers me about joe’s post is that the HTML formatting looks suspiciously more like a wall post than a personal message. does anyone else get the same impression? because that little difference would turn the whole thing from a fairly run-of-the-mill booty call request into ABSOLUTELY EPIC HILARITY.

  17. Father Sha Likes wordperverts comment
    Father Sha likes eenerbls comment
    Father Sha likes Paranoid Androids name
    Father Sha Likes Hitmewithyourrhytmvic cynical approach
    Father Sha likes Walter Sbobchacks sense of humour
    Father Sha Likes the return of divinemonkey
    Father Sha Likes the way Miss Shegas thinks
    Father Sha Likes to welcome schooltakeover
    Father Sha Likes Morgan
    Father sha Likes 18 yr old girls
    Father Sha Likes all of you

  18. I would consider Joe’s offer, he might be a super hot future rock star, that turns me on ;]

  19. @sarahmargeurite #44 –
    and a few of the married ones, too…

  20. Who's That Girl?

    Joe put a tingle in my vagina and a blushing smile on my face. Where are the Joe’s in my life???

  21. I wonder if that acutally worked for Joe

  22. Who's That Girl?

    Would have worked on me. My panties would have melted right off.

  23. Alen001 needs to stop advertising his pathetic site here, pass it on.

    Joe needs to learn that you only get laid when you are a successful musician. Living in a one bedroom apartment with more condiments than food doesn’t excite the ladies.

  24. Alen001, you do realize that people purposefully don’t visit your sad little wannabe web site specifically because you pimp it here and on TFLN, right? If you didn’t know that, allow me to enlighten you: You are a douche.

  25. The worst part is I went to the site and it is so completely unfunny, that there are no words to quantify its lameness. The sad part is that his efforts are probably paying off to some extent.

  26. I think I blushed straight through that post… He should have cut the first part out and just started with “I might be absolutely crazy…” Yes, yes you might be. Oh Morgan, you little nutty fiend.

  27. i think the gals that say they would take joe up on his offer arent considering the context… First she already knows this guy and has an opinion of him… second he has probably been semi-stocking her and has made a couple lame attempts at moves… ladies… think of that guy on your friends list that seems to go out of his way to comment on your posts, has been mking lame attempts to get you to notice him for years and as of yet has been nothing but creepy… now imagine he sent the letter

    if the panties are still melting off, i have some emails to send

  28. yikes

  29. lol at the second one O.O

  30. I would say no to Joe solely based on the fact that he would put his tongue ‘deep inside’ me. My fun parts are on the outside.

  31. Geeze I’ll be wrapped up in the heat of the moment with joe!

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