Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Joe Gets Saturday Detention

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  1. are the people commenting friends of his dad? i hope this is real.

  2. Fake

  3. If you are going write up a fake detention letter, don’t let a child be the one that writes it up.

    Fake as all hell

  4. I don’t know…. There are probably plenty of 20-something teachers that would write a detention slip up this way. Who can say….

  5. Plus the signature looks legit…

  6. How about detention for the weed he’s just been smoking in the bathrooms?

  7. It could have been worse…he could have been Molesting Sheep.

  8. I hate molesting sheep.

  9. You must be doing it wrong then.

  10. Is pencil a euphemism? Because that’s how I read it.

  11. Not really that funny. Not much imagination there.

  12. ^I agree. It’s outstandingly lame.
    Really Joe, you sad cunt, the bottom line is that you took your shirt off and screamed like a 3 year old.

  13. fuck off Ms Anne.. that shit was funny

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