Friday, June 11, 2010

Jugga What?

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  1. Forget the Juggalos, I’m surprised people haven’t had more to say about Morgan. That is one disturbing mofo. How does someone with a face so FUBAR earn a living?

  2. i actually saw 3 juggalos a few days ago

  3. I…just don’t understand juggalos. At all. I first heard a song by ICP back in the mid- to late-90s, and it wasn’t all that good. I don’t even remember it. I hadn’t thought of them in years, and then all these posts started popping up on here, and my first thought after I Googled juggalo is “ICP is still around? Why?” And here I thought my faith in humanity couldn’t drop any lower.

  4. @suedonim

    Hahaha, me too! I’m in LA, myself. But I think we should take these juggano’s to Compton late at night. These wannabe “thugs” wouldn’t last.

  5. I think the funniest part about the blurring of Bubba’s face is that they blurred the sunglasses. It seems they’ve gotten smart and blurred out his first (and, I’m assuming, easily identifiable) name rather than his last.

  6. i live about two hours from l.a.,this city is crawling with juggalos. maybe it’s a small town kind of thing,or like a meth head kind of thing,’s a pretty odd phenomenon though,you’re hard cuz you have clown make up and chains hanging from your pants…and a bb gun….? i don’t get it…

  7. FYI: The picture of the Juggalo wedding did not come from Facebook. It’s from Myspace.

  8. perhaps they are really proud and put the pics up on both?

  9. Just a side thought but if you look at the guys name, the first name is blurred, then on the girls the last name is blurred, since they’re brother and sister, wouldn’t the sisters name be Crystal Morgan?? It seems to me this douche is easily findable….

    yes, findable, I don’t know if it’s a real word or not, but I like it.

  10. dbeyer92: You mean, other than the fact that the sister has a different last name (probably because she’s married), he’d be easy to find?

  11. The thing the completes the white trash beauty that is the juggalo wedding is not the clown paint, not the $40 Wal-Mart prom dress as a wedding Dress…but the minister wearing a bolo tie. Class.

  12. hmmm….ICP music is ok….somewhat, but there are some major fanatics out there who will try to fight to if you say something bad about ICP…its like theu worship them!

  13. im british and cant be bothered to read all of these for an explanation, so if someone sees this pleas explain to me what the fuck is a juggalo ? they remind me of the henchmen from the George Clooney Batman films, or is that the point ?

  14. Juggalo! LOL
    Some people don’t have the sense god gave Goats.

  15. Why Bubba Why???

  16. HAHA gross. It’s cool that people have their own taste in music, and whatnot, but taking it as far as “I’m part of the juggalo family, wicked motherfuckin clown love, homie!” is disgusting. Hahahaha. It’s unappealing… Why am I dating one? 🙁

  17. fluffythestayinschoolsquirrel

    i havnt shit that hard in years

  18. Underground group seeking peer validation mocks underground group seeking peer validation. Redundant repost is redundant (I have mastered internet memes AND irony, validate me!).

  19. Pathetic.

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