Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Love Is a Battlefield





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  1. Hahahaha. The third one: “crying so hard my cats wont come near me”. Classic!

  2. If YoU TyPe LiKe ThIs On FaCeBoOk YoU sHoUlD NoT Be MaRrIed.

    You should be beaten to a pulp with a tire iron

  3. Jose and Pamela were made for each other.

  4. Skye is a guy’s name now? Whoa.

  5. Poor Sara. I know what it’s like to need a hug and your cat just fucking glares at ya. They are some cold beasts sometimes. That’s why when I’m sad I rub my hands in some tuna.

  6. I did hear once that cats can sense emotions and when you are upset and they come over to you, its to comfort you. So Sara’s cats must just fucking hate her.

  7. is that guy’s name skye?

  8. I like skeezers.

  9. I like turtles.

  10. I like originality.

  11. I like when they forget to not blur the whole name 🙂

  12. Sirry to hear about that AnonymousBastard.

  13. I like French women with…oops, that’s someone elses.

  14. Skye deserves to be impaled and have his nuts turned into earrings. I’m referring to impaling both of his heads.

  15. @Sensible Madness
    Jose and Pammala wre indded made fr each othr. It was wrten inda starz.

  16. I looked on my Facebook account and “Single Fuckin Nob Head” was not listed as an option in the relationship list.

    Also, Skye is a tool. And he has a girls name.

    That is all.

  17. coolwip ftw

  18. First one: I really hope you don’t have to relay on him…I can’t imagine that being too comfortable…

    Third: Sara, I can’t wait for you to be in the real world. Go join Jennifer’s sister in the Iraqi war, then you’ll know what alone really means. =P

    Jennifer, FTW!

  19. My Vagine is a battlefield

  20. @bry


    As for Skye……. douchebag without a cause.

  21. I thought the name was Skype …:-s

  22. @kathleen — My husband’s and my cats do this. Whenever one of us is upset, or sick, they cuddle up to us and purr their little hearts out to try to comfort us. I think you’re right: Sara’s cats just fucking hate her.

  23. I totally agree with you guys, my cat always comes to comfort me when I’m crying. She meows and then lets me hug her 🙂 So yeah, Sara’s cats must hate her LOL

  24. Who the hell cares about these effing CATS??????

  25. Why not just say fucking?
    Dogs are better than cats.

  26. I hate cats….but not as much as they hate Sara apparently


  28. @Fin

    I MIGHT say fucking, but I find it a bit over used on this site. Shall we break out the Fuck Thesaurus?

  29. @ cunninglinguist and 80sfiend

    Yeah i dont know how they do it, but they really can sense when something is wrong!

    @ Finn

    Dogs are NOT better than cats. Dogs are so needy and annoying, cats are well independent yet loving.

    Also i dont get the massive thing over Skye. Obviously he’s a tit because he cheated on his wife, but why should it matter that she’s in the army fighting a war? What a fucking pointless and stupid thing to do. No sympathy.

  30. @31: “What a fucking pointless and stupid thing to do. No sympathy.”

    About whom are you referring with that statement? Skye or his wife?

  31. @ bottlecap

    I dont really think i expressed myself very well in that. What i meant was that, yes, Skye is an idiot for cheating on his wife and then going on about his divorce on facebook, but the fact that she is a soldier fighting in a war shouldnt even come into it. I personally dont agree with war, and therefore dont really feel like i owe people who fight in them any extra respect or sympathy simply because they are fighing in a war.

  32. @kathleen: Fair enough. I tend to agree with you. I get there differently, but I get to the same conclusion. I don’t necessarily think that his wife deserves more (or less) sympathy for being cheated on than if she were a long-haul trucker or other job that would mandate long absences simply because she is in the military. It’s a shitty thing to do no matter what. And he makes it even worse to be a dick and then brag about it on Facebook.

    I do extend my sympathy to her because she clearly lacks the part of her brain that allows her to detect and avoid douchbags.

  33. The first couple needs to learn how to use a phone, email, text message, or just damn talk face to face with each other.

    And @Kathleen, I hear Jane Fonda could use a few more friends like you.

  34. @ bottlecap: Yeah, exactly! I have sympathy for her yes, but i dont see why she deserves more than anyone else would in that situation, simply for going out and blowing stuff up.

    @ dude_chill: i actually think Jane Fonda is pretty cool, so if that was meant to be an insult, it kinda backfired.

  35. You absolutely do owe those soldiers extra respect because if they did not volunteer in the military, you and would be drafted and forced to fight.

    But you think Hanoi Jane is cool, so I rest my case.

  36. God yeah, your right. Being anti-war, anti-violence and anti-pointless deaths is so fucking lame.

  37. @dude_chill

    First of all, dude, chill. Seriously.

    Secondly, you referred to Jane Fonda as “Hanoi Jane,” repeating the notion that her criticism of America’s Vietnam campaign—which was close to fourty years ago now, I might add, so I don’t see how the continued use of that moniker is even relevant—somehow puts her in the wrong? Why, because Vietnam was this noble exercise in exporting democracy, or even a just war? Yeah, it may be tempting to parrot the hawk’s position that every war America wages is inherently justified and immune to dissent, but seriously—read some history.

    Finally, if you really, honestly believe in this glorious dream of what America supposedly stands for, you’d do well not to insult people for freely stating their views in a public forum.

  38. 😀

  39. It dosn’t matter whether or not you like war or the soldiers that partake is said war. The fact is if it were not for those brave men and women, you would probably have a modern day Hittler waltzing into America (or any other cuntry for that matter) to claim it and it’s inhabitants as his (or her) own.

    I don’t like violence or war, but i do deeply respect those who have fought, who are fighting, and who will fight for my future.

  40. I claim America for my own.

  41. Now I give it back.
    I look fat in it.

  42. Thats because you failed to hang Hawaii from your neck and Canada on your head. Give it another go!

  43. Can I have Florida between my legs????

  44. Sounds fantastic. You can use the north and south poles for shoes a well if you like. Would you like some help with Florida?

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  46. Sara, you are a loser if your cats wont come near you! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! and i do meant that in the nicest possible way.

  47. Oh Shani, what a cliche thing to say.

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