Tuesday, May 10, 2011


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  2. I wish I got box in high school.

  3. Wow, that’s just plain strange. And disturbing.

  4. Dick in a box! Kwanaza, Dick in a box!

  5. Really? Did it really happen? I hope so…

  6. Bretty has figured out one of the best ways to avoid the herpfest

    (you guys miss me!??!)

  7. QueenMuEpsiloxcruciasmTheOver9000th

    Why, no, Mr. herpfest, but I do believe they have missed me.

  8. Goodness, I really wish I could change that obnoxious name.

  9. it’s much easier to just have a foreskin. no sloppyness required…

  10. ….and somewhere on the other side of town, the older guy who Brett looked up to – the one who somehow prankishly convinced him that his little contraption was in any way a simulation of a human vagina – is reading this crap and pissing himself laughing…

  11. I prefer the rubber glove, sink plunger, kittens and sandpaper approach myself.

  12. lulz

  13. I dunno PA, I haven’t found a kitten with a big enough mouth to take the full load yet. They always choke.

  14. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    @bucketboy, oh dear you seem to have missed something. You need the plunger for the kittens rectum, place plunger on a smooth surface, rubber bit down and press. Make sure the plunger secured and won’t move, now take one kitten and push its rectum gently over the wooden handle. This is important, you have to remove the kitten with a swift hard yank, this will turn the kitten inside out. Now insert inside out kitten in glove and let the self pleasuring begin. The sand paper you’ll need to roughen up the wooden handle, so it provides more grip.

  15. ^^^ Nailed for the motherfucking win. Chapeau good sir.

  16. I doubt Brett is telling the truth. I used shampoo once and after a couple of hours it had burned my skin so bad it peeled off.

  17. thickasawhaleommlette

    14@ Bravo!!! And a second bow to Brett – turning a ham shank into something special when a real vagina just isn’t gonna happen. Far too much hassle for me, but gotta admire the ingenuity. I’m a purist – just Pam and her five lovely daughters….

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