Friday, May 1, 2009

Michael’s Dreams about Fantasies


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  1. It may be lame, but I’m there with you. FF ftw.

  2. Dork-out:

    there are 28 official titles in the franchise, but let’s assume this guy means the main (numbered) 12. the average player can complete each in about 30-50 hours. 24 hour days with 8 hours an evening for sleep, you’re looking at self-sequestering for….exactly one month.

  3. You’re lame for knowing that

  4. 2 or 3 weeks ??? But wouldn’t all of Michael’s friends miss him ?

  5. I am a giant FF nerd and I would love to do the same thing but Keyser Soze’s reply made me laugh my ass off.

  6. Constantine Crustacean

    muthahucker incorrectly assumes that gamers sleep 8 hours a night.

  7. I get like four.

  8. What is this “sleep?”

  9. 2 things here that are missing to make this one epic ftw…

    Bawls and more information.

    Bawls to make the time between fighting in FF go faster and information. Are we talking about every side-quest and adventure through the entire series, because that could take months for just the standard 12 games… possibly years if you’re careful and make extra save games on different slots to make sure you don’t mess something up.

    Oh, and on that note, are we watching every cut-scene and reading every line of dialog or are we just cutting through everything and running until we get to the last scene?

    yes, I’m a FF geek… yes I’m proud of it… yes I own both movies… it’s now out of the closet, and yes, for the record, I’m married to a FF geek as well.

    LMAO, I feel soo much better now!

  10. Princess Bananahammock

    ahhh MLK had a a dream once too but at least his was to make the world a better place this douce-bag just a waste of space..way to set goals buddy 😛

  11. My best day would be to strangle mike in a bathtub filled with water.

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