Friday, April 24, 2009

Jason Is a What?


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  1. dude.

  2. i mean, congrats, but, dude.

  3. what is a disney professional? do you dress up and stand in the park?

  4. congrats, im happy for you

  5. I have never seen somebody so excited to wear a Goofy suit at Disneyworld.

  6. oh neat, i didn’t know that Jason’s a DISNEY professional.

  7. ..two weeks later: “Aww. I’m not a DISNEY professional anymore.”

  8. Or…

    “Being a DISNEY professional is now lame! I want to quit being a DISNEY professional!”

  9. Ugh, I have someone on my friends list who works for Disney, too, and about once a month he goes on a status spree about how excited he is to go to Disney school, Disney boot camp, Disney on Ice, the character breakfasts, etc, etc, etc.

  10. another freak…amazing how the big D sucks them in..Mickey sucks..

  11. I would like to read his PHD proposal though..

  12. I used to be a ‘DISNEY Professsional’.. it sucked. It was like a concentration camp. They barely paid you, made you do stuff you didn’t think was morally right and could outright be racist. They told a black girl I worked with that she couldn’t work until she changed her weave to an ‘african american color’. She had just gotten the one she had and she paid alot for it. It was a few shades too light brown. Unbelievable. I got a write up once for wearing more than one pair of earrings. The only thing that was good about it was free admission to the parks.

  13. son up, I’m to0o lars for the parst.

  14. say what?

  15. Ehm, why are some of these entries upside down? If you don’t look at the dates carefully, it looks like he’s travelling back in time.

  16. @MrListerSir: How do you figure, upside down? This is what Facebook feed looked like, the newer updates were at the top. I don’t know what the current look is, deleted my account ages ago, but this is how it looked. It’s not upside down.

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