Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Motherly Moments

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  1. I really hope someone is around to put me out of my misery when I begin to take pleasure in discussing my childs bowel movements with others.

  2. wtf!

  3. Uhm… Maybe it’s because it’s Tuesday, but I don’t like 1 and 2:

    1) Sounds like something a junior high kid would say… and not even said in a funny way.
    2) Looks weird. Shouldn’t the messages be on the opposite side? Mom’s in gray, and child’s in green?

    I’m bitter today.

  4. Doesn’t the second one have to be fake? The green background color/being on the right side of the conversation in text messaging usually means that it’s your phone the picture is being taken from. And that means the picture was off the mom’s phone, but she was texting “MOM”? I know I just wrote this in the most confusing way possible haha but hopefully you get what I’m trying to say.

  5. You’re right.

    MOM at the top shows that is someone having a conversation with MOM. But when you look at your iPhone, your texts are on the right and in green. Which would also mean that MOM, who doesn’t know what WTF means, is familiar with lamebook, knows how to take a screenshot, and submitted it

    So, either this is two people who both call each other Mom, or it’s fake.


  6. i’m not a parent, but do 3 year olds usually shower on their own unsupervised?

  7. Josh gave himself a good beating last night…

  8. Keychain – why are you telling me this?

  9. @vonmistelroum….. are you being sarcastic or a noobish? I really can’t tell.

  10. kaychan, fuck off. That is all.

  11. God I hate Moms. So annoying.

  12. buckle_up – seriously?

  13. For God’s sake, that’s why you don’t let a three year old take a shower by herself.

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