Thursday, September 9, 2010

Moving Out… of the Closet

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  1. 1st!

  2. Brilliant!

  3. We once pulled the old ‘put a condom filled with white conditioner down the pants of a passed out friend then beating his ass with a baseball bat a few times’ trick.

    The look on his face when he came round again with a sore ass and finding a condom with a splattered substance down his pants.


  4. ROFL soo much win in this… I wanna have roomates like that

  5. lmao @Museite!

    …Brandon’s parents are obviously assholes.

  6. @Museite , awesome. She cried? :S bad.

  7. Brandon’s a pussy. Crickets in the car is much worse than this.

  8. That prank was awesome.

  9. I agree with Chalmers… this just requires telling your mom you aren’t gay. The crickets could take some ingenuity to remove.

  10. These pranks are retarded.

  11. Yeah, being gay is hilarious.

    They’re frat boys. For those of you outside the USA, that means these guys are all gay. They live together in a house in college with Greek letters on them, and they have gay sex all the time with each other. They drink a lot, and they have girlfriends who don’t seem to realize they’re gay; look up “sorority girls” for more information.

    So what they’re saying is that they covered up for their trashy, slutty gay “bro”–that’s what they call each other now instead of “Mary”–by pretending they played a trick on him. They parents obviously aren’t buying it, since he has to move out of the Greek sex house anyway.

    I think Brandon will miss having hot gay sex with Zach the most. I just get that feeling.

  12. I’m terribly sorry to bother everyone, but I lost my internet coverage for a while. I’ve only got it back since the start of this week, and I’m very sorry to see that Dan Fargis has stopped posting? Why is this? Honestly, the best part of Lamebook was Fargis’s insane, foam-mouthed christian rants.

    Also, the best ‘gay’ prank is the white pudding one. Get one of these:
    and dangle it out the fly of your boxer shorts, and rub it over the mouth of a sleeping room mate. Works every time.

  13. omg i want to do that to someone xD

  14. why do you miss him so much, jizzy? aren’t there foam-mouthed christian/racist/stupidly partisan rants on almost all websites on the internet? seriously, the other day i was looking at a consumer guide website, checking out the spec on a george foreman grill, and in a helpful review one anonymous man wrote a page-long, completely insane rant about killing crackers and jesus being black.

    it sealed the deal though. got me an ‘entertaining grill’ (‘for those grill enthusiasts that love entertaining guests’). you should try george’s recipe for smoked mackerel paninis. delicious (and almost ZERO fat).

  15. Smoked mackerel paninis should be the staple of our generation.

    …Goodness gracious am I hungry right now. Nobody else talk about food please. My empty fridge is depressed as it is, and I don’t want to hurt her feelings.

  16. The J House sounds fun! I’ll take that sissy-la-la’s place

  17. I’ll tell you what I hate is people who type ‘HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA’ when they find something funny on Facebook. Is that to compensate for the fact that none of us are able to hear your stupid goofy laugh, were you SO desperate to show everyone how funny you found the prank and thus would be a better roomate than Brandon, or are you just easily amused by pressing the H and A keys over and over and over?

  18. Oh Hobes, you crack me up with you bitterly cynical view of these facebook miscreants.


    …and wait hahahah. There, I’m spent.


  19. *your

    fucking DT typing fingers.

  20. I wonder where his laptop was? I’m guessing in his bedroom in which case you’d think in a house like that, if he was sober enough to make it to his bed he’d be sober enough to lock the door.

    I think if I was his mum, I would possibly cry. Not at him beng gay, but at him having hid it for so long, and also that I didn’t teach him to clean up his room. Also depending on the type of porn =P

  21. “…this just requires telling your mom you aren’t gay.”

    Why do you think his mom was crying?


  22. Brilliant prank! Glad my parents always knock first.

    and just for you Hobo: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  23. What does the J stand for in J-house? Is it jizz?

  24. If it isn’t ‘jizz’, then it must be Jesus*.

    *I’m sorry, I’m trying to compensate for Dan Fargis. I’m sorry, but does anyone know where he went? That whole ‘I’m christian but not catholic’ shit was hilarious)

  25. BEST PRANK IVE EVER HEARD!!!….(Except that ‘Girl Dies’ one)…i wanna see the pictures…


  26. I would try that only if my guy friend wasn’t gay. Hmmmm maybe I could use regular porn and his parents would cry in happiness…then sadness when they found out it was a joke. Pricelessssss!

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