Thursday, June 28, 2012

My Boss…

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  1. gosh mala, I can’t even guess.

  2. Randy, huh? Did he also just try to clean his testicles with a Dyson?

  3. It’s Rigid Randy! With a useless hard dick!

  4. “My boss is a useless dick *head”

    Hmmm, and who’s the useless dick head who probably (I’m guessing, ok?) put themselves in a situation to let their boss see their status (guessing again, that’s why they were fired?)

    Actually, fuck this. Why the fuck do *I* have to do all the work, connecting all the dots, to try and inject some humour into this lifeless cunt of a submission.

    Fuck you, Mala. Back to the end of the breadline you dullard.

  5. Maybe she got fired on account of she couldn’t even count to potato and is a complete retard on so many levels?
    Nah, probably because she’s fat and Randy only likes ogling hot “chivks.”

  6. Is it only recently you’ve heard that ‘counting to potato’ meme Nails? Really, you’ve used it twice this week and it was old months ago.
    People as stupid as the OP should be fired twice. Once for being stupid at life and once for posting their idiotic crap on FB.

  7. MsAnne, can you please respond to teeko, as I do not anymore?
    Tell the old hag:
    “I still think it’s funny, and I did hear it a couple years ago, but recently saw it on a funny picture and it totally brought it back for me. Humor doesn’t necessarily age. Like you (teeko).”

    Oh, and also:
    “Thanks for tracking my usage of phrases, you fucking useless sack of hammered dog shit. You may now continue with your life. Loser. Or just die, as that would also be swell.”

    Thanks! Muah! xo

  8. First of all, I am beginning to doubt that Msanne’s gender is not fake.

    Secondly, why would the boss be fired?

    Thirdly, this is fake.

  9. And Nails, I would be happy to give Teeko a scathing reply.

    Teeko, YOU ARE FAKE!

  10. And a hipster! 😀

  11. Aw… Nails.. T1000 is your friend hahahah. Scathing reply from T1000? What would that be? “FAKE!” I didn’t read your reply because there were lots of quotation marks and I hate those.
    Ok well, I just had to come back and see if I was still bored with the same 5 replies, and I am. So toodles little queenies of lamebook.

  12. I fucked Mala. You’re welcome, teeko.

  13. One less idiot taking up valuable jobs from intelligent people who are struggling right now. Cya, Mala.

  14. my absolute fave “I just got my ass handed to me and now I’m licking my wounds” reply would have to be when some sad sack of ‘hammered dog shit’ says; “I’m bored now and I’m going, toodles.’

    we know what you really mean by that. and we’re not in the least fucking bit sorry.

  15. Licking my wounds? Have you been licking the wallpaper you silly little fart?
    Mails is a poor excuse for a mom, thinking she is SUPERPARENT, even though her toddlers aren’t even old enough to have given her any real stress and wines about working 18 hour days at her job at 7-11. She could hand me whatever she liked but I wouldn’t touch it unless I was wearing 3 pair of latex gloves.
    As far as being sorry, you are about as sorry a human being (term used loosely) as I have ever seen. I bet you have 63 cats.

  16. *Nails

    Funny how the corrections worked out like that. Could you pass that on to her as she is ignoring me, although we both know she reads this and is dying to reply as if I would care.

  17. And i really am toodles because I have to go die, or get cancer or else I am going camping. Toodles, Queen Of Turd Island, MsAnne of The LameBook Princess, Lord of the Undertubes, in the Realm of all that is Stupid and Unholy, and Knight of the Big Fat Ass and Even Larger Mouth.
    Hope I got your title all correcty 🙂 Happy weekend!

  18. Guess who wet her depends?

  19. It was 9, you haters.

  20. ^Correct.

  21. you know, I really think I’m getting under teeko’s skin.
    it’s pretty old and baggy and there’s plenty of room under here for everyone!

  22. Yes you could think that, if it makes you feel like you have some value. I’m ok with bolstering the esprit de corps of the uneducated and illiterate. Maybe you will be able to sleep tonight with neither the light on, or sucking your thumb, knowing that your little internet Lame-minions will tell you “oh you got him good this time, Ms!”
    In the mean time I will be out on a canoe somewhere in the wilderness, not even thinking about how stupid this all is.
    You, however, will only have this. It’s sad. Or no, wait it isn’t.
    It’s funny as hell.

  23. You are fake, teeko. You simply could not get over your fakeness and turned bitter.

  24. Because a robot thing from some stupid movie that I slept through is not fake. hahaha you hairy fat thing.

  25. *singy song*
    MsAnne has a fictional nanomorph mimetic poly-alloy assassin boyfriend
    MsAnne has a fictional nanomorph mimetic poly-alloy assassin boyfriend

  26. ^You broke another one, MsAnne.

  27. I broke T1000 hahaha.

  28. seems so frankenstein, and it’s in ‘meltdown’ phase now.
    I love that bit.

  29. A Day in the Life of teeko. Part VII, Act IV.


    – a few hours later –

    “Yes, I really do mean toodles…”

    – a few hours after that –


    – a short time after that

    “Why doesn’t anyone love me? Please pay attention to me, MsAnne.

  30. wooah.
    so you’re saying it’s, like, my fault or something?
    seems pretty hard.

  31. Bacchante, it seems you see what I saw.
    Alright guys, toodles!

  32. Toodles everyone! I’m leaving now! Will you miss me?

  33. Okay! Toodles everyone! I’m leaving to do something socially magnificent now! (Bridge club, if you must know!)

  34. What the feck is “count to potato”?


  36. @34: Google it.

  37. Wasn’t “Toodles” a cat that could drive a car or something?

  38. @37 – Toonces?

  39. curly, a potato person is someone with Down Syndrome, mental retardation or other learning / developmental difficulties.

    Also, this:

  40. Wish I hadn’t asked. However I will bookmark that for future reference, thanks.

  41. lol. I dunno why, it just still makes me chuckle. I’m probably a bad person.

  42. No “probably” about it, Nails! =)

  43. bad peoples are the best peoples.
    it’s true, look it up.

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