Thursday, September 5, 2013

No Direction

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  1. If he doesn’t know how a compass is, why have one as a tattoo?

  2. What a fucktard, and a shitty tattoo….
    At least the wrong or no direction is still better than One Direction!!

  3. Looks like it’s surgery time!

  4. Oh fuck. I actually like what Steeever had to say. Maybe it’s time to walk away from the keyboard.

  5. I hated it. I hate that fucker.

  6. He probably didn’t notice because when he looks at himself in a mirror, it looks fine.

  7. That explains why he’s been lost for the last 7 years

  8. It makes sense if you’re reading the compass from the inside, which is where his heart is.

    *Air supply begins to play*

  9. Credit to the moron for admitting it’s wrong, as opposed to the countless others who deny their fucktardedness and claim “No, I meant to spell it that way. That’s me expressing myself.”

  10. Sinister Purposes

    So what’s really wrong with this tattoo? Okay, it’s a bit twisted but so what? We’ve seen people tattoo theirselves with much more awful shit than this.

  11. Sinister Purposes

    Oh, North East and the bunch. Okay, you win and I’m the fucking dimwit.

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