Saturday, December 19, 2009

No Thanks





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  1. #1 is…

  2. LOL!!

  3. ahahahahahahaha

  4. i love the subject of nasir’s message

  5. Poor Skye, doesn’t realize she sounds like a zoophile.

    Two new ways to make curry in the bedroom? I don’t even wanna know!

  6. I think the 50 bucks is Nasir’s offer to the American girl. Not for sex, but for making curry in the bedroom. Pakistani men get very depressed because their women only make kebabs in the bedroom.

    I saw a study.

  7. im not sure i want that call, Missy…

  8. FlapjacksAreAmazing

    these ones are actually amusing, except the first one, I wouldn’t want that call either

  9. Skye FTW!!!

    Missy FTL!!!

  10. I just threw up a little at the curry comment.
    No Nasir, no one wants to make any kind of curry with you, especially not in the bedroom for crying out loud!

  11. LMAO @ Nasir. Fitty Dolla sexy time, yes?
    Should’ve messaged Missy instead.

  12. Wow, two new ways. That makes…3.

  13. Is “horse” the new product line at Anne Summers?…Why was that the first thought in my head…all that talk of curry has got me “hot” under the collar, aha, ha ha…note to self, do not comment after watching Tim Vine doing his pun routine…

    I’m curious whether Nasir offers poppadoms with the curry…

  14. $50 is too fake, just can’t see anyone being THAT stereotypical.
    Kinda sad really, that this came on the same site that found someone dressing up as a black dude for Halloween racist and lame.
    Lame Lamebook.

    The rest are pretty good.

  15. Nasir, let us be friends so much. If only you were real.

  16. So… Their job is a female, and it has a family?

  17. BWAHAHAHA!!! Skye: can I watch with a video camera????

    Jai Ho!

  18. @Finn
    Hun, you have NO IDEA. The intro messages I’ve received are STELLAR. I should have saved them.

  19. Michael’s never going to get a good woman if he keeps mixing up his pronouns like that.

  20. Oh damn. I just ate curry chicken for lunch.

  21. @Sensible Madness #19
    *their pronouns

    Missy doesn’t sound like a nice person 🙁

    Skye almost sounds like Missy (how do you get a horse TODAY anyway? Wed it, or….. really buy/adopt it?)

  22. Michael – no, we don’t want your soon to be ex-wife. We’ve already had her in a variety of positions and locations you whiney, sad sack-of-shit. What did you really think she was up to when she was ‘working late’ and ‘going to see her folks for a few days’? She was getting it good off us, you mook.

  23. Mercure- no, we don’t want to read your porno fantasies.

  24. @freezit4: maybe she got a horse-sized dildo. She seemed pretty fucking happy about it and admitted she was going to be sore the following day.

  25. Skye had 3 X 🙂 about getting a horse and only 1 X 🙁 about being “extreamly sore tomorow” , so yeah whatever she’s up to she thinks it’s totally worth the suffering.

  26. I totally wanna get all hot and spicy with Nasir on a white fluffy bed… of rice.

  27. @24 Insane

  28. the first one scares me , i m pretty sure the girl from saturdag was called Missy

  29. Missy dosen’t have HIV she’s just trying to be malicious which is difficult when she was probvably sucking balls the night before.

    Michael complains that his wife puts her family before her moaning shriveled bollocks husband? She does fucking right.

    Nasir talks of making curry in the bedroom, I too make food in the love nest, such as Cheese, love sasuage and spunk.

    Skye fucks horses, or at least that’s what she’d like us to think, it’s probably Roger the Stableboy who really snapped her hymen.

  30. So Missy answered the question if they should use a condom with “no, doesn’t matter i already have AIDS” and then actually got banged?

  31. makes you wonder what you are doing wrong , doesnt it ?

  32. I wonder if Nasir makes Baji’s too?? Put my name down for some of those..

  33. ‘Making curry in the bedroom’ is a Pakistani euphemism for boinking.

    I went out with a Pakistani girl, but she was so boring she almost put me in a Korma.

  34. @Mercure: Good punnage sir. *Doffs Cap*

  35. @Finn: Trust me, it isn’t stereotyping. Live in such a society and you’ll see how perverted men can get, and how vain/boring women can get. I live in Saudi (Indian, though)- Men have sex with men because their girlfriends are menstruating or wives are pregnant or simply because they’ve never been around women. lol It’s rather depressing. Also gives a bad name to all the real gay Saudi’s, I think. But gay Pinoys L-O-V-E Saudi. lol

    @ Joker: HAHAHAHA It’s Bhaaji, though. Baaji = Sister.

  36. Nasir’s was a genuine message, I think. I’ve received comms from Pakistanis and Indians and that is pretty much on the money for how a lot of them do attempt to write stuff in English, and uh… well the attitude sounds authentic too. That is not to say that all Pakistanis or Indians write like this or think like this, but a lot of them do because I have seen the evidence.

    Skye will be sore. Missy’s date will be even more sore.

  37. UncreativeUsername

    as someone who has been to pakistan, knows a lot of pakistanis, and gets creepy messages from ACTUAL creepy pakistanis on facebook. . .nasir’s message is NOT real. even if it were translated word-for-word into urdu (the language they speak there) it would make no sense. and what the fuck is “allah halla halla”?? pakistani’s may like talking about allah but that term isn’t even real!! that post is so ridiculous that i cant believe people thought it was legit!

  38. …who says it was actually translated? it may be his attempt at speaking english..?
    and the allah halla halla could just be his sense of humour…

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