Monday, October 11, 2010

Not Adding Up

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  1. wtf, How has someone lived long enough to learn how to use facebook but hasn’t noticed the extraday every four years?

  2. Oh… dear. When is the Arockalypse when you need it?

  3. No, we call it “unwanted”, kind of like what your mother calls you.
    When I see these I hope with all that I am that they are fake and people are not that fucktarded.

  4. Oh god… (Yeah… With a lower case G.)

  5. or, why weren’t they taught about it in school?? or by their parents?

  6. It’s quite simply really. Human progress now consists of using technology to regressively reduce the amount of information one needs in order to survive.

    I can’t wait until we all get to become jelly on a permanent space cruise like in wall-e.

  7. It is proven that the larger a society, the less individuals need to know in order to survive as there will always be someone else around to make sure they survive (I read it in a science magazine, and people say all Americans are dumb).

  8. ok, so… long time reader etc…

    the deal? are they all real status updates or are some fake?

  9. @pants I really REALLY hope they are fake.

  10. Some things just should BE KNOWN by everyone.. Like the days of the year… Except when extraday happens of course

  11. All those people have a case of the stupids.

  12. if only “the stupids” was terminal

  13. How is the first one pink?

  14. Oh man extraday is my favorite… too bad it only happens once every century… Or like 8 times every 400 years lol?

    I bet if these people ever saw a tree they would think they were lost in a forest.

  15. @lamebookpro

    given time ‘the stupids’ is almost certainly terminal.

  16. Yeah, how did the first one turn pink?

  17. Lamebookpro, I’ve got good news for you then! It turns out life is terminal!
    Boomstick, perhaps that person’s colours are promoting titty cancer awareness?

  18. @ mad2physicist – uh yeah ok (are you dan fargis?) . and boomstick asked “how” did the first one turn pink, not “why”

  19. Fuckin’ hell. There was an article the other day about how kids these days are so completely useless that ice-cube trays baffled them. Guess they’re all on facebook.

    Oh, future, it could have been so great…

  20. Wow. After seeing posts like these, I now believe that Mike Judge was being quite prophetic when he wrote Idiocracy. I can easily see that future occurring, maybe even sooner then just 500 years from now.

  21. I don’t believe in leap years. Sure, everyone expects you to face a new day, but I like coming in from behind.

  22. I know the 3rd one if real because it was originally posted on my husband’s fb. lol.

  23. Pro, no, I am not mr. Fargis. Sorry to disappoint. (Also, how the hell is what I said Fargisish?)

  24. I guess I misinterpreted your “life is terminal” comment as getting philosophical or something….

  25. HOW DID THE FIRST ONE TURN PINK?????????????????????????

  26. If I had to guess I would say it’s pink because of the person’s browser. They probably customized their links or have a different skin or something.

  27. @egalindo90 @b00mstick @rosinbackrider It’s Facebook color changer, a Greasemonkey add-on.

  28. Am I reading these right? *puts on glasses* Jinkies…. I was.

  29. Installed the color changer. Monday is back, and so are the LB posts. So fresh and so clean…unlike my “dirty” laundry.

    I have not gone through the posts, so I could join in and post something relevant in a conversation. I like to jump right in sometimes.

    Need to go to the store for a bit, and I’ll return for a short time. Life is busy as of late. 🙁

  30. No, all I meant was that everything living does in fact die, so while stupidity may not be terminal, they will in fact die. Sorry for going so morbid, it was intended as a joke.
    Now this does lead to interesting things that one can do with AI. Like program a computer to minimize the death rate in the long term and it decides to kill everyone, so that after that the death rate is 0…

  31. I hate everybody in these posts. Especially you, Jordan.

  32. yeah, the pink one’s mine. i use mozilla firefox on my mac. there’s just a downloadable add-on for custom colors.
    that’s a legit post too, except it may have been sliiiightly edited by lamebook.. for exaggeration.

  33. @32 Can you clarify what was ‘sliiiightly edited’ for us? Because if it even took you two guesses, that aint good.

    In other news – Fucknuts doing some fucknuttery. Meh.

  34. So, I’ve been naive in thinking that Lamebook has legit lame and stupid FB posts?? Hmmm, it’s sad to keep hearing that most of these posts are doctored by someone… Even if it’s only sliiiightly edited, it’s sad 🙁

  35. @ valenya, couldn’t agree more…

  36. My facebook is entirely pink. I use “stylish” for Google Chrome to do it.

  37. I’d like my Facebook to be green.

    Where is the knowledge gone? To prove our superiority, I would like everyone to use one new three-syllable word today please, thus proving that our general egocentricity is founded.

  38. Surely ‘has’ not ‘is’

  39. loma – I like your idea but I’ll have to exclude myself from this new fun game! My brain hurts and I’m probably bleeding internally from using about 800 “new” 3-syllable words tonight while writing my paper… Oh yea and it’s 5:17am – I haven’t slept yet, YAY for insomnia

  40. Loma, I don’t think that ‘egocentricity’ is quite what you are talking about. Self-superiority maybe.
    Android I believe 32 was saying that she took the pic, and thus everything showed up pink, not that she was the moron in the post.

  41. pedant – yes, it is, I threw that in there for you to correct. Call it a wee gift *ahem*

    @val – poor you!! let me stick a ‘band-aid’ on your brain bleed. what are you writing about? you can be exempt from the game.

    God, I really should be working.

  42. @val, I feel your pain. I’m sleeping about 2-3 hours a night at the moment. And I remember the unsublimated anguish of writing papers

  43. lol, yea Ped same here

    thanks loma! I was doing a “Persuasive/Position” paper on the educational benefits of Music or something – it’s been done before a million times but you know…man thinking back on it that is like the shittiest paper I’ve written so far in college. Last week, I had another research paper due in Developmental Psychology, so maybe the brain bleed started during that paper.

    I’ll tell you what though, normally I care about proper grammar and everything in these posts but after tonight I could give fuck all about where my commas go!

  44. I wish we could use that pinkelizer plugin for our PDFs, mapping times new roman to hot pink courier. Then I might read more.

  45. I wish that person had explained in what way the post was slightly edited. Annoying. Why did she just tell us in her first post? She had to have known people would ask.

  46. @automation – I agree.

    These make me all kiinds of sad.

  47. @automaton*

  48. kinds*

    And I quit for the rest of the day. Ugh.

  49. I'm Canadian Also

    It was obvious that lamebook had been at least slightly manipulating posts for a while (for example, in a multiple-post screen cap, facebook lists recent posts at the top and lamebook would rearrange them to flow top to bottom). But doctoring for exaggerated effect takes away what little legitimacy lamebook had left, that is why I stopped reading TFLN, because it was obvious they were all someone thinking they were funny and not real texts.

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