Thursday, September 1, 2011

Not My Type

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  1. Thirst!

  2. guy can’t spell his own name correctly.


  4. I have never driven before in my life, either. I am in my twenties, though. I assume “Mathew” is younger.

  5. I believe that Karmen took away her (his?) own dignity.

    The first time I drove, I had not gone a mile before very nearly wound up in a ditch. I hated it. How the hell was I supposed to know how far to turn the damn wheel?

  6. I don’t know – maybe from driver’s ed? Which part of “don’t drive into the ditch” did you misunderstand?

    As for the girl who has her “degnity” – while she was writing that, someone stole the punctuation.

  7. I’d just like to point out that Elizabeth has no point in making fun of his lack of punctuation when she can’t even use “you’re” correctly.

  8. Also, she didn’t even use correct punctuation in her second comment.

  9. FranklinOR – Sorry, we don’t all have the privilege of driver’s ed. The rest of us just have to take driving lessons.

  10. In a car where we actually have to drive. And yes, perhaps turn the wheel too far.

  11. Once I turned the wheel too far and ran over my neighbours yappy terrier 4 times.

  12. Karmen’s parents took away her dignity when they fucking named her KARMEN

  13. Josh just doesn’t want to live up to it.

  14. these guys are too funny!

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