Thursday, January 20, 2011

Not So Hot Buns in the Oven

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  1. mb, could you please stop trying to set up a paedophile ring here on lamebook.

    for those of you who aren’t aware, mb is a well-known code in paedophile circles for man-boy, and these purportedly anti-paedo messages are a common device used by paedophiles to identify each other. i know this, because they tried the same trick in an interracial twinks forum which i’m a member of.

    take your disgusting agenda elsewhere, you’re not welcome on lamebook. there’s only room for one child molester on here, and that’s imamofo.

  2. I didn’t think imamofo had even made that kind of joke before (so I’m not talking about him). Not that I ever read his comments in detail because I don’t share his strong interest in semen.

  3. Seriously – I had to check mb on urban dictionary. I hope you are joking that it stands for that!!

  4. vincent Thanks mate, I hate it when people try to muscle in on my turf… How old are you again?

    mb Booooo to you too! I don’t just comment about Paedoplay and Spunk you know, there are many different aspects to …. awww ok you’re probably right.

    Does mb stand for molest babies?

  5. master baiter perhaps? Filthy animal!

  6. mb, you need to recheck your data. I’m pretty sure mofo is the only person around here who is sick enough to joke about child abuse.

  7. walter Thanks! That was my point exactly! I think…hang on… look let’s not all dwell on the child abuse, what about all the other forms of abuse I engage in?! That’s like contemplating the whole of creation, but only really focusing on paving slabs… I’d hate to think that I’d pigeon holed myself, I have so much more to offer.

    mistreat bairns?

  8. Mb. whats better than 1 one dead baby? 10 dehad babies.
    whats better than 1 dead baby in a bin? 1 dead baby in 10 bins.
    Whats blue and wriggles? a baby in a plastic bag?
    whats green and dosent wriggle? same baby a few weeks later.
    how many babies does it take to paint a wall? depends on hard you throw them?
    How do you get a baby out of a blender? with doritos.

    Ahh dead baby jokes, truly the highest form of humour

    Anybody know who maddy macann is?

  9. conor How do you ruin a dinner party?….ask where Maddy is.

    Do you mean who is Maddy or where is Madddy… it’s yes to both either ways.

    murdering babykiller?

  10. Android, thanks for the Beanstalker For Dummies translation.

    mb, if you don’t mean mofo, who the hell do you mean?

    mofo, I’m stealing “slutslugs” (from the previous post). Thank you. Oh, and I just saw Black Swan. It’d be right up your warped alley, buddy. Dark, bloody, twisted, and some pretty decent lesbian loving involving the very hot Portman. I predict you’d release your love lava more than a few times throughout it.

    Anyway, goodnight.

  11. word You can have ‘slutslugs’ with my blessings, you still employing the use of ‘jam rags’ too? Thanks for the film advice, i’ll give it a bash…… in more ways then one. Nighty night.

    maltreat boys?

  12. I interrupt this reading of the most entertaining comment section to thank you, conor, for the link about that magnificient documentary on British Fashion. Truly, I feel better about this day now!

    Now back to reading…

  13. Man, I wish I’d been here sooner today. I missed all the fun!

    I have so many comments to make I don’t even know where to start.
    So just fuck off

  14. wandr Oi don’t you start too, I’ve been camping out in this thread all day, dodging abuse shaped bullets and ducking slanderous ill-founded rumour!

    minor bummer?

  15. your welcome wandr.
    imamofo yeah i was wondering if the americans were familiar with her is all. i got a few of her jokes tucked in my belt.

  16. Shut up! Stop being a whiny prick. You like abuse.

    So Bend over and take it like the male fat british fag retard that you are
    (Ok, I got sexism, fatism, racism, biggotry, mentallychallengeism… what am I missing?)

    And what the hell was wrong with frying pan anyway?

  17. You bully!… I am not fat…. The rest is fine, but i’m not a blobby mass of flesh ok? How the fuck would I catch my victims?! You missed agism and smallknobism.

    massage babybums?

  18. fuck! I’ll try harder next time.
    Then again, dead people can’t be TOO hard to catch.

    Also. mild burning?

  19. Who the hell is beanstalker?? His comments were very racist towards me; I find that horribly offensive

  20. Maltreats Buttocks?

    Massive Bleeding?

    Multiple Buggering?

    Minor Biter?

    Molesting Binge?

    Messy Balls, Messy Babies? (Okay, even I threw up a little for that one.)

  21. Nah, MB’s just a huge Wierd Al Yankovic fan: My Bologna

  22. Ok I think you all have it covered. Well done.

  23. I was referring to comments such as:
    Soup #8

    Gives me the creeps.

    And now I am off to get a new login…

  24. Wow Lamebook’s Legal Fund has doubled since last week!

  25. Wow beanstalker! Way to steal precious minutes from my life with your senseless babble. Fake or not the posts on Lamebook still make me *LOL* which is something everybody needs to do on a daily basis.

  26. I’ve been away, I have no fucking idea what is going on here. Are we all racist now?

  27. only to english. potatoe robbing bastards

  28. Jesus, I haven’t seen “potatoe” spelled that way since Dan Quayle. ( Good skills there Conor. Since we’re on the subject of vegetables, I suspect you might be a cabbage.

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