Monday, March 8, 2010

Oh Nose!

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  1. lostintranslation

    I have definitely seen this elsewhere on the interwebs, so it’s old if not fake…

  2. I could swear I’ve seen it on Lamebook before.

  3. Yup. This has DEFINITLY been on lamebook before.

  4. I agree – seen it on here before. Didn’t laugh the 1st time I saw it either….

  5. Yeah what is with lamebook posting the same things twice lately?

  6. Yeah what is with lamebook posting the same things twice lately?

  7. Yeah what is with lamebook posting the same things twice lately?


  9. Wow, this is ironic.

    Lamebook is being very lame.

    Dun dun dun.

  10. Reruns? Lame.

  11. It’ll be on Dave next week!

  12. specifically, it’s the post that appeared on the 11th of January under the title of “The Fresh Prince of Bash Air”. now, i’m not one to condone such comments as “LB is turning into the suckz0rz”, but this IS a bit much.

    ps: sorry for not linking to the actual post, wasn’t sure how comment moderation would deal with that & didn’t want to go through all the potential waiting.

  13. Lamebook’s Frodo.

    Seriously, how did you not catch this?

  14. Lamebook has a pool.

  15. Definitely a bindun. I didn’t even finish reading the first line. Just as well, it wasn’t funny the first time I read it, it’s not funny now.

  16. Domestic violence is hilarious. Happy International Women’s Day everyone!***

    denotes sarcasm font.

  17. #6 & #7, FTMFW!!!!!!!!

  18. I think this is because this isn’t the most important thing on the owners list of responsibilities, and I bet if asked, anyone who is complaining can STFU unless you’re a donating member. Money talks and complaining sucks.

  19. reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepost

  20. @fingerman

    How would it NOT be on the owner’s list of responsibilities to ensure there is an original post each day, or at the VERY LEAST ensuring that reposts don’t happen so shortly after the original post?
    In any case, I’m glad I’m not a ‘donating member’. I’d be peeved.

  21. #5, 6, & 7 made me laugh! Thanks folks!

    Seriously Lamebook. Lame reposts are a huge fail.

  22. Owner! LOL, that’s a funny name for a blogger.

    Fingerman, you STFU. What would be the POINT or posting something twice?

  23. *of

  24. fingerman is frodo

    You didn’t catch that? Someone posted that lamebook entry as their status (lame). His friend replied that for a moment he thought he was being serious. duh

  26. no, sweets. that is a private message with a reply. turn off the caps-lock, ok?

  27. Well then he was sending the message to his friend, because he thought the entry was funny. I’m not 100% sure but in the original this wasn’t the friend’s response, that’s why this must be a “new entry”.
    But yeah it’s pretty obvious this is someone posting it to their friend. 😉

  28. lol

  29. What a douche…

  30. cheshirephoenix


  31. or the poster might have seen the original on here and copied it into a group for lolz from his facebook peers…
    I never saw the first one, but I thought this was pretty hilarious either way

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