Friday, August 26, 2011

On A Social Network, Far Far Away

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  2. Comment too long. Wookie mistake . . . .

  3. How big of a douche would I be if I pointed out that he spelled “Wookiee” wrong?

    Good thing I’m not a douche.

  4. I have no fucking idea what this is about, but Rob, when you say “That would be this guy” you have automatically become a sad cunt.

  5. Bring_back_fingering


  6. Interesting CHUCHO,care to elaborate?

  7. The “Are you that guy?” or “I am now that guy” meme…it’s hideous. It’s one more instance of people watching so much shit TV that they start talking like the characters on fucking Friends or any one of a million other moronic sitcoms.

  8. Surely you mean “sith TV”?

  9. i knew it was going to suck when i read “who has two thumbs and etc”. what an idiot. figures hes freinds with someone named “angela” that has to do the …..just sayin’ thing. i bet the next time they all run into each other they will be telling joking about this post ad nauseum and god forbid there is someone from not in this group that has to listen to it. i just wish i could see these peoples profile pics, i m sure they are classic. Angela is her looking up at the camera in a mirror and rob is probably some picture of him trying to look like that douche boss on “the office”.

    love the pic though. too cute.

  10. “Must Sith TV”

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