Tuesday, February 8, 2011

On TOPical

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  2. I thought Steeeeever went out of style already….not yet? Okay then.

  3. NEVER!!!!!!!!!!
    Ps. I didn’t think Blonde Bimbos could type

  4. Ironic, isn’t it?

  5. I think that was my first steeveer and I thought it was going to be fun and now I feel…just…dirty. Well I guess it’s better than feeling nothing.

  6. I’m glad Elizabeth Jordan liked that status.

    I miss Ben.

  7. well do you miss benladen?

  8. Yeah. Way to blur, lamebook
    I like Jose. Perhaps he’d like to be my pool boy

  9. went to my 5yr old nieces birthday and watched a pack of girls beat the crap out of Dora the Explorer and all i could think was “give it to that snotty bitch….”

  10. I’m hung like a black man, and beat that thing every chance I get. The KKK denied my application, but I could tell they were impressed.

  11. American football teams have sexual predators in them, too? Ha. And here I was thinking it was just Aussie football teams that were full of them…

  12. No way you two are getting dibs on football rapists. Our UK teams are full of them too you know. In fact, I’m surprised they get any games played…..

  13. Let’s face it, a football game is basically a big male orgy, and I’d have no problem if they just stuck to sticking each other. But they don’t.

  14. Fuck you Michael!

    We here at Mothefucker United couldn’t give two foisty wank rags about you wanting us to loose. We are used to having to overcome the rampant Rapistism that has ruined this once great game.

    Rapists are people too you know.

  15. for the person who says “rapist are people too you know”.. they might be a person but they are low life people who dont deserve to walk on this earth….
    only other rapist would stick up for other rapists

  16. But did you know that rapists are often discriminated against in the work place? They find it hard to get jobs and have to put up with violent behaviour on a day to day basis just because of their beliefs.

    I mean just because it’s them behaving violently doesn’t make it all their fault does it?

  17. End the oppression now!

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