Wednesday, November 23, 2011

One Big Mistake

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  2. Terrible fucken tattoo too…. Looks like the scribblings of a retard. Try the same font size next time. Lol

  3. Olivia is a funny name for a bloke (judging by the man wrists)

  4. PsychologyStudent

    @stubbyholder-they got each other’s names on their wrists–Jordan got Olivia’s name on his wrist and Olivia got Jordan’s name on her wrist

  5. Hey dryheat, you are aware that the wrist of a living human isn’t flat, right? This, in conjunction with the hopelessly amateurish camera work, causes the visual perspective phenomena making the font appear uneven-looking.

    The above explanation is in no way intended to detract from the incredible fucking stupidity on display by Olivia and Jordan here.

  6. Uh, nope. Pretty sure the last two letters are genuinely larger than the rest.

  7. I demand a series of photographs taken with at least 4 different cameras and some video footage, too, before I will say for sure that those two letters are bigger.
    Ideally, I’d like to flay the skin off Olivia’s wrist and flatten it out onto a medical slide so I could examine it with my Mass Spectrometer.
    But I accept that it would prove difficult to get Olivia’s compliance with this. Selfish cunt.

  8. To be fair, I got matching tattoos with a guy I’d only met weeks beforehand. We’ve now been married almost a year and have our first baby on the way. Kiss of death my ass.

  9. @pixeldust- my friend’s husband got her name tattooed on his hand after about a month of being together. That was 5 years ago & they’re happily married. Sometimes it does work out.
    I’ve got my husband ( of 8 years’) name worked into a tattoo on my back. If things ever did go wrong (heaven forbid) I could easily have it retouched. That’s a wise way forward I think.

  10. How can you say it’s the camera angle? The d and a are clearly different sizes. Look at the loop of the d compaired to the a

  11. aussie-prick is spot-on. It’s the “d” that is too small and not in proportion with the other letters. No extra pictures needed to work that one out.

  12. @ comments 9 and 10

    I’ve like, totally got my dogs name tattooed on my penis, and we’ve been together forever and he’ll probably never die.

  13. That bitch has some thick wrists. I’d hate to see her cankles.

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  15. Quality is our dignity!
    Only accept QUALITY spam.

  16. “Service is our Lift”?

    Seriously, fashionaay, you need to learn to speak more than engrish if you want people to click on your pathetic link and browse your runny-rotten-hippo-shit-sucking virus-laden site.


  17. And the “d” is definitely smaller.

  18. Wow, thanks, fashionaay! I am ‘enjoying myself’ one-handedly as I type this.

    I’m still not going to click on your link though, so kindly fuck off with your bullshit spam. Thank YOU!!

  19. Haha MissAnne, unless she has a marble under her skin, the “a” definitely shouldn’t be that big… But I’m a fair man…. I’m willing to wait for the skin flaying procedure to be done so we can settle this once and for all.

  20. I really think it would be for the best.

  21. MsAnneThrope – be for the best?? WTF you on about??

  22. @MsAnneThrope Don’t be throwing in the mass-spectrometer, which measures the partial blocking of a certain visible light spectrum wavelength from a liquid. But flay away.

  23. hawkbit, the ‘mass-spectrometer’ reference was a reference to it’s over-reference in various CSI-type shows. They use it as a magical deus ex machina and I want to too, dammit. You’re a bit of a cunt if you want to take this away from me.
    And, aussie-prick, I was responding to comment #19 from dryheat which was directly above . It was rude of me to not acknowledge that, and I would apologise if I wasn’t such a bitch.

  24. ahh… i knew you were responding to the comment above, after re reading it i don’t know how i misunderstood it.
    Your not that much of a bitch, don’t be so hard on yourself

  25. no

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