Monday, May 6, 2013

Paying Back the Bitch

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  1. And then they joined mile-high-club together?

  2. I don’t believe this. Fake.

  3. tellingitreal

    not so much payback as it is irony, anyway.

  4. beatusmongous

    I liked that movie.

    If I were Tony, I would have leaned forward and whispered, “Hey, that’s me. See? There I am in the movie. Do you see me? See? Right there. See, that’s me. I’m that guy right there. I don’t just look like that guy, I AM that guy. That’s me. See? Can you see me in the movie? That’s me. Right there. Me. See it? See me? Yeah, that’s me right there, in the movie…” etc. etc. etc. until my scene was over.

  5. Someone needs to make Tony a first world problem meme

  6. “Then I watched myself in Parental Guidance and dropped a fuck load of passive aggressive hints to the people around me about how the guy on the screen is awesome and the guy on the screen is me”


  7. This wouldn’t have happened to him if he was Tony STARK.

  8. The woman looks like she’s asleep anyway.

  9. I don’t care how rude she was, no one should be forced to sit through Parental Guidance after paying that much for a first class seat.

    Something tells me that she didn’t pay nearly as much attention to him at the airport or to his minor role in the film as Tony Hawk thinks. Doubt she ever made the connection.

  10. They were going to make prisoners in Abu Ghraib watch Parental Guidance but they felt it was cruel and unusual punishment.

  11. ^ Oh, come on. Parental Guidance wasn’t that bad. Tooth Fairy 2, now THAT was torturous. My kids didn’t even finish it.

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