Monday, July 23, 2012

Please be Joking…

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  1. 1) Um, how the hell do you think Lincoln learned how to fight vampires? It was obviously self-taught through YouTube videos. Duh.

    2) No, they are on opposite ends of the social spectrum, and therefore not very chummy.

  2. Fake. The internet was not invented during Lincoln’s time.

  3. They had the internet back then, it just wasn’t on computers

  4. T1000 assassinated Lincoln.

  5. Correct.

  6. Gage should’ve said “haveded”; that would have made it even more special.

  7. Lol wow if I was riccardo I would have trolled the shot out of fisayo’s dumbass lol

  8. ^interesting that you used the word ‘dumbass’ in a sentence that has no literary merit whatsoever.
    it’s like you’re a fucking parody of yourself.

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