Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Poor & Permanent

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  1. 1st?

  2. I love subtle, tasteful tattoos. I bet this guy also types in all caps on the internet and yells into his cell phone even in a quiet room.

  3. At least Kayla doesn’t sound bitter.

  4. Oh wah, all they have to do is tattoo a ^a under Anna, and voila–tattoo is fixed.

  5. Wasn’t till I spotted the nipple I could work out what body part that was.

  6. ^At first I thought that was an arm…then I saw some nip.

  7. The kid’s name is still spelled wrong, even if the mom corrected him. It’s pronounced Lie-Lee An-na?

  8. I don’t think he is wearing pants.

  9. it can be spelled either way, lily or lilly. the flower is spelled “lily”.

    i thought it was an arm, too.

  10. @kasey1

    Lily is spelled correctly, you pronounce it L ill ee.

  11. kasey, how is that an incorrect spelling of Lily or Anna?

  12. This deserved its own post? seriously?

  13. I see he has had his appendix removed….

  14. That just went from bad to worse when I realized it wasn’t on an arm… thanks Nicoretta.

  15. I would totally take a sharpie and put an L at the end of Ana when he’s drunk and passed out. Then I would tell him alord did it when he wakes up. Thanks man!

  16. He could always add and “L” at the end of “Ana”

  17. all he has to do is add an ‘a’ to the end of ana then put a bunch of flowers around the whole thing and make sure one of the flowers covers up the bottom of the first ‘a’ to make it look like a half ass ‘u’…bam,totally fixed.

  18. i meant a halfass ‘n’,idk where ‘u’ came from..

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