Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Rent Rants

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  1. I like that the mom actually used “frape” in number 2.

  2. mhmmm

  3. Jayden made me lol.

  4. I bet she’s fat.

  5. Ha. Jayden’s pretty cool.

  6. Oh, poor Jaden 🙁

  7. That sux Jayden. Revenge?

  8. Lol at the grandma in #2. Hahaha first impressions can be wrong, it turns out.

  9. Jayden you think that’s awkward?!

    I once got caught writing my name on mum with my dick, in the shower. Now that’s awkward…. cos it’s a very small shower cubicle and it’s difficult to get good purchase on the slippy floor.

    May Gouda forgive me.

  10. poor Jayden, I like him.
    Gramma’s not that dumb, she said “plz”

  11. Okay. What kind of mother names their kid Clodagh? WTF kind of name is Clodagh?

  12. #11 – It’s a Gaelic name. It’s pronounced Clo-da, and it’s also the name of a river in Ireland. And really, is Clodagh really so much worse than some of the names that are popping up in America right now?

  13. @12. That name sounds distinctly UNamerican to me, and is probably unpatriotic as a result.

    It’s something that will be taken into account, come the rapture tomorrow.

  14. Oh yes the rapture!! Open the lid on the looney bin!

  15. Clodagh sounds like something my cat coughed up. And yeah, American names are getting beyond ridiculous.

    ‘Hey, I know, lets name our kid Apple.’

  16. …except for the fact that Apple’s father is a Brit…

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