Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Rough Relations

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  2. Raminski! Oh, Raminski, you comic genius! Did you come up with that oh-so-witty remark all by yourself? I’ve never read anything so hilarious as that! Oh, and you’ve followed it up with basically the exact same joke, but it doesn’t matter because it was so FREAKING original and hilarious that I don’t even MIND reading it twice!

    That’s right, Aj isn’t the only one who can do unsubtle sarcasm. He is however, the only one who managed to get a girlfriend despite being a spineless knob-end who owns a beanbag chair.

  3. so alex was in a relationship for less than an hour?

  4. Ah, sarcasm. Always funny.

  5. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    One can only hope AJ is being sarcastic.

  6. What sort of name is Raminski? Whatever, he’s still a twat. AJ made me laugh. Treats his women well.

  7. Oh God, anything but the CHAIR!!!

  8. Ok, the beanbag chair made me LOL, for real. I can just imagine dude’s horror. I hope Monica let her cat piss on it first in case he comes to pick it up off the curb.

  9. Aj rocks at sarcasm… umm.

    Too bad the douche still has his *other* bean bags though.

  10. Oh and Raminski FTW even if it is overdone. xP

  11. Rodion Romanovich Raminski wasn’t so high and mighty after he killed the pawn shop dealer. The last laugh was definitely on him.

  12. Just looked up Raminski’s profile – I’m calling douchebag on this one.

    (One of his statuses: “I tried to change my password to mydick; Facebook said it was too long.” Ha-fuckin’-ha, dude, first time I heard that one*.)

    Couldn’t find Alex though, there are too many of those on his friends list.

    *was in 1986.

  13. I think you are all maybe reading the second one wrong and thus underestimating the real heartache and issue that AJ is confronted with.

    Bean Bag chair… as in a chair for his Bean Bag.. that’s right a nice comfy seat for him to rest his Seed Sack in..I know if a girl threw my Testicle Throne out i’d be hurt and vengeful too.

  14. Last one is totally fake. They both are using far too proper sentence structure and he posted “about an hour ago” and she replied “about an hour ago” and so on and so forth.

    My guess: dude changed to single through his phone with his friend sitting beside him and they did this for fun and to then post to lamebook.. which is LAME.

    So in conclusion, well done Lamebook for being so lame.

  15. @darcy

    Riiiight, because facebook users aren’t smart enough to use proper grammar. They’re not even perfect sentences. Usually, I try to write my sentences as grammatically correct as possible. Even on facebook! Also, a lot of times people are on facebook at the same time so they respond within minutes. Derrr.

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