Monday, January 17, 2011

Savage Information

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  1. I can only hope he has an EHarmony add so I can hunt him down and snag a date.

  2. “i like to be happy but sometimes happy don’t love me why cry over a lost blunt when you need to focus on the life ahead lol.”
    i’m pretttyyyy sure that’s a line out of Milton’s Paradise Lost

  3. *sews her vagina shut*

  4. I love me some white rapers! Much better than the black ones….

  5. I feel like I’m reading the biography of the guy that Eminem’s song ‘Stan’ is about….

  6. I’m not sure what I like more about this post. It’s either the fact that he’s a “white raper” or that he only loves women within his family.

  7. Guys, I think he “shoot” someone fo real.

  8. @1
    You’re forgetting that He can’t love women outside the family, they aren’t worth the mental capacity after all.

  9. Damn it. I had my heart set on him too…I was even willing to knock out a tooth or two and master the banjo.

  10. If there were even a single iota of a chance that these narcissistic FB “retarts” knew what stream of consciousness writing is, and were taking part in a literary styling experiment, I would not be weeping with fear for the world right now.

    mattymc, I fucking hate your smelly gray guts. Quit with the comment spamming and inane excuses for posts just to add the address of your shit site.

  11. Watch out canary, he knows people who know people who DO NOT like snitches and they know people who are indifferent to snitches and they know people who know people who enjoy long walks on the beach.

    Also keep an eye on his right leg… can find your head.

  12. I was thinking about “Pretty Fly (for a white guy)”.

    Tip: obscuring “Phenix City” doesn’t work unless you obscure “Columbus”, too.

    Don’t blame me for the spelling of “Phenix City”; blame the founding fathers.

  13. He’s got the thing ladies are looking for the most… guess that’s because he’s a white raper.

  14. @georgep I feel like if I could see his profile picture I could tell whether he was more of a “Pretty Fly” or “Stan” kinda guy… Almost makes me wish that the FB stuff posted here linked back to the profile. All the info in there though and you could probably find ‘Will’ with a good Google search. But who cares enough to?

  15. Here I figured Blondie was out just for being female, I mean he does devote a lot of time professing how he “fucks with” other dudes.

  16. Haha I love Miss Shegas <3

  17. Oh man, I can’t resist, I have to post about this gem.

    I love how he gives a shout-out to his elementary school! HAHAHHAHAHHA!

    And what in sweet Jeebus does “murk” mean?

  18. I’m vaguely concerned about his right leg finding my head. It’s not something a leg should able to do. I wonder what his left leg is capable of. . . lol.

  19. anyone else find it odd that he mentions his elementary school in his bio? maybe it only seems important if you never finished high school.

  20. Miss She, you know I love you, and I think you’re the best, but tell me – one bitch to another – why you hate mattymc posting that lameass website so much? I know others hate it, too, but I don’t understand it. I barely even notice he exists. He and his site are just so meh to me. I’m curious, that’s all…

  21. @14
    that’s odd…a comment where you don’t make a shameless plug and a horrible attempt at comedy. Are you saying I have won?

  22. Pretty sure this creature was born because his dad only loved women in his own family too.

  23. @Makeme You just made my day with that comment and I thank you.

  24. Aw shit Comments, you make a hell of a point too. I feel like there’s just no chance for me, what being female and not a member of his family. I’ll never find love.

  25. he forgot to mention that he loves spreading chlamydia and having raper babies..
    blonde bimbo… I’d skip that if I were you.. He’d make you his baby momma and then you’d never see him again. I’d go for the man girl in the previous post with the huge hammer. She looks like she’d hang around:)

  26. What a piece of shit.

  27. Ahoy, darling wordy! I fully expect a tl;dr here…

    If the link were attached to anything that wasn’t a limp little excuse for a sincere contribution I don’t think he’d rub me so wrong.

    I think I want mattymc to die a thousand horrible deaths because his constant soulless shilling of that shit site reminds me of robo sellers that just keep calling and calling and calling and calling and trying to sell you shit you just don’t fucking want. It’s not a conversation, it’s just a one sided sell, and that (like insincerity) is always insulting.

    It would be fine to drop a link once in a while, but it’s SO clear that this fuck just posts in various forums purely to build juice, and that he barely even looks at what he’s commenting on.

    Link that shit in your name. If people want to check you out they will.

    Are you sorry now you asked and unleashed the peeve-kraken? 😀

  28. @genitalisman, somehow your comment is 100 x funnier because of your screen name!

  29. No, I’m not all sorry for asking, Shegsy. I was just curious, that’s all. Different things get to different people. One woman’s meh, is another woman’s red-hot poker in the eye. All good.

  30. Hpcan, you’re probably right. I just thought maybe we could have loved one another…but it seems that we can never be. By any chance to you happen to have that lovely man girl’s number on hand?

  31. Hey blondebimbo, never give up. Maybe you can turn him.

  32. damn it! I just got back from columbus last night, I wish I’d run into him. bummer :/

  33. Here’s to hoping curly, here’s to hoping.

  34. “go play in traffic cause I’m savage” < he clearly did debating at some point. His argument is flawless.

  35. That wasn’t taken from a rap song then?

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