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  1. Somwone needs a Waaahmbulance.

  2. Oh no! not a JEWISH sorority. How embarrassing!

  3. I’m with Andres on this. What’s wrong with a Jewish sorority? Is Jennifer another name for Hitler?

  4. Mark — she was saying that they were making fun of a real sorority. WENCH!

  5. she makes it sound like theres a difference between “slutty sorority girls” and regular ones..

  6. wench? wtf?

  7. I wonder if Sorority girls and Frat boys know how unbelievably obnoxious and annoying they are.. Probably not. Amanda’s “You go girl!” is the cherry on this cake. These people actually attend an institute of higher learning… Wow.

  8. Do you think Jennifer knows that any sorority girl is a sorostitute? And slutty refers to frat boys too (yes, I said the dreaded “frat”, just to piss off the pretentious Greek Life jackasses).

  9. Tinaaaaaaaaaaaaaa



  10. foremangriller1

    i wonder if i could get bounced around above people on a chair at a jewish sorority party

  11. this is unbelievably pathetic. What is this obsession with all this sorority crap? what even is it?! a load of teenagers all gather into LAME groups and seem to dislike and bully the other groups….yeah that’s cool and really worthwhile.

    Also, why is this girl talking about being in a greek system? she’s american, why does it bother her? why do americans even use a greek system!? losers! you make no sense!

  12. foremangriller1, win.

  13. Maybe we wouldn’t make fun of the Greek system if it served an actual purpose? You know, besides giving a bunch of shallow jackasses the ability to have meaningless sex, party a lot, network with other shallow jackasses, and perform half-assed philanthropic endeavours to feel like they’re important.

  14. Halloween is in October…..and she’s still not over it by April?

  15. Sophster, it took her until April to get INTO the greek system, so now she actually has an excuse for being stupid. xD

  16. Halloween is coming up soon and I’m wondering what Jennifer’s “frenemies” will dress up as this time around to taunt her with. Perhaps they’ll go as Lamebook since she is now a part of the lamebook system. Sequel!

  17. Yeah, seriously, where IS the dislike button?

  18. Maybe they’ll sing hits from Fiddler On The Roof as they spruik for Halloween candy. That’ll f*ck with her.

  19. Very lame. Where is the dislike button? One def needs to be added.

  20. @ LB

    why do you always have to write a freakin book when you post on here? you arent witty, or funny. stop.

  21. Because naming your ‘organisation’ after letters from archaic alphabets makes you really cool and intelligent. 8-S
    Get a life! lol

  22. Wow… I guess most people’s experiences with sororities/fraternities are really gross and stereotypical.

    I expected the joke to be on the radical commenters, not Jenifer, who seems to be making a legitimate point. There’s nothing inherently brainless or depraved about the Greek System…I know lots of Thetas in particular who are intelligent excellent people.

    The violence of everyone’s reactions to the mere SUGGESTIOn that a sorority COULD be defended as an institution deserving respect kinda frightens me. o__O

  23. @robbybox333 The violence of everyone’s reactions? Last (and I really mean LAST) frat party I went to, there were 2 fights, a drunk girl puking in the hedges, and, amongst other things, a frat boy groped me repeatedly and I had to physically remove him from the party…and I’M A GIRL. There’s a reason stereotypes exist. If the people who belong in the “Greek System” wish to enlighten the rest of us with whatever purpose they actually serve besides being douches/douchettes, I welcome the change.

    As for Jenny up there, she doesn’t make a legitimate point. It’s halloween, for shit’s sake. Lighten up. You don’t see the Catholic church all up in arms because I went as a pregnant nun last year, do you? Sheesh.

  24. whether someones in greek life or not, if you’re in college, ur most likely gonna get reckless every once in awhile.. im in a sorority and i was probably more wild before i was in bc i was on my own for the first time @ college.. but i wont lie, there are skanky sororities, awkward-girl sororities.. meathead fraternities, douchebag fraternities.. mine was known for doing legit philanthropies so we’re not all a waste

  25. I was in a fraternity. The whole greek system is just douches and sorostitutes. Everyone’s frat or sorority is “the good one” or “not full of douches”. Fact is, all of the greek system at every university is chock to the brim with it.

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