Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Slack Attack



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  1. First!!!!

  2. @ Thera

    Did I complain about repetition? Did i complain about repetition? Did I complain about… ar crap.

  3. Ok so my whole comment wasnt directed at just you anitalaff…but anyway…

  4. Ranger D I think I love you toooooooooooooo!!!!!!!

  5. Thera, slut. On a forum. Not even a forum. A comments section.

  6. Thera

    Or any of it by the looks of things. Wth?

  7. I like turtles.

  8. @zombie fucker

    Get A FUCKING Hobby!!!!!

  9. 9/11 is 0.81 repeating. Coincidence?

  10. hmmm love=slut? thats interesting! Love how people can hurl insults on the internet when they have never even met a person!!

    and ps
    I love Zombie Kid too!

  11. don’t call thera a slut.

    slut is a compliment. <3

  12. But I love insulting people I’ve never met! It means I don’t have to deal with any consiquences of my actions! 😀

  13. consequences*

  14. Well sluts are people too that also need love. So to all you sluts out there in the interwebz Insane loves you!

  15. I just love how Molly came in and kicked the shit out of Alina with her fluent typing. She be like, “Bitch, fuck you.”

  16. My ex just sent me a facebook message to say he was cutting the cord with me. 3+ months after I broke up with him. We’d been going out a big six weeks. Now my question is WHAT THE FUCK?

  17. Why am I still alive?

  18. The lameness of the first one isn’t the 9/11 conspiracy, it is that these two morons air out basic ‘roomate business’ for the world to see on facebook. There are much better ways to talk to your roomate: the best being face to face, and the very least a text message; but a facebook wall? WTF?

  19. Of course 9/11 was a conspiracy. It was an Al-Qaeda conspiracy.

  20. If only Al-Qaeda had used Facebook.
    “Hey Ahmed, can you get the gun fitted in the shaving soap can for me? I’m swamped”
    “Sure thing. I was going to do that anyway”

    “BTW, we’re out of TP”

  21. I thought Miles was Osama Bin Laden and Harjap was Sadam Hussein? Then again Al-Quada sounding stupid is just plain old idiotic!

  22. 11/9 is 1.22 repeating. Coincidence?

  23. Wow Molly, way to be a killjoy.
    After that bitchiness, if I were Alina, I’d purposely f**k it up for the group. See how well that goes over with Molly.

  24. ahaha congrats you’re a mental catlady

  25. I’m jealous that she’s going to Moe’s too. I need a after-nap delight in the form of a Homewrecker.

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