Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Social Media Explained

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  1. Lamebook: I am first

  2. At eating donuts

  3. ^ Cunt goblin.

  4. They forgot tumblr on the list.

  5. And tumblr would be:
    “ZOMG look at this donut! LOLZ reblog!” times 1 million.

  6. And now I want a donut.

  7. myspace; rupert murdoch licked all the donuts and now no one wants one.

    reddit; the illuminati stole all the donuts.

  8. ^Me too

  9. ^ Damn you, Hawkbit! Quit stealing all the donuts! You’re going to make the cops mad.

  10. it’s funny because the photo looks instagramed. I did just decide that was a verb.

  11. Congrats msanne

  12. good point, beatus. this must be a police training exercise to teach the thick-necked goons how to computer.

  13. (as long as we’re just making up verbs)

  14. touché. Much better verb.

  15. You spelled tach wrong! Somebodys going to git made at yew!

  16. Lamebook: I am eating month old donuts and then complaining that it taste like month old donuts.

  17. Scrap that, actuallly donuts that have already been in someone elses gingivitis infested mouth…

  18. Why would you eat that?

  19. ^Trying something new?

  20. to maximise the outrage, butthurt and indignation.

  21. You see, same reason people come to Lamebook…i rest my case.

  22. it’s Doughnut

  23. ^ it’s Dirty Laundry.

  24. @22 way to be pedantic…

  25. ^ I think you’ll find that Freddy was pointing out the obvious flaw in Durt’s ‘pedanticism'(Can we make up adjectives here, too?!)

  26. i may be misreading snowfrog but i was agreeing with freddy, hence the @22 and not @23 (i.e. I was refering to Durt as pedantic). and i’m cool with making up words based upon other words, it is fun.

  27. Haha, I totally thought you were referring to the ’22’ in Freddy’s name (which I now see is just a ‘2’…duh!) In which case… concurred!!

  28. That’s “Private Donut” to you, Mister!

  29. ‘pedanticism’ would be a noun.

  30. ‘fuckwitticism’ would be an accurate assessment.

  31. ^ where I fuck your witty brains out.

  32. What the fuck am I doing here?… I got lost on my way to tumblr.

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