Thursday, March 18, 2010

Some Smarties

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  1. JesusOnADinosaur

    Oh my god, Georgie. xD

  2. Ben

  3. i hope eve chokes asiaa back. hard.

  4. hahaha bin larden. I love it

  5. Georgie makes me feel smart, I love him for that.

  6. Bin larden? wtf!

  7. I hope I die before Asiaa, so I’m definitely there to see her big fight against Eve go down.

    Who do you think put it more eloquently? God, when he exiled Eve from the garden of Eden, or Asiaa, threatening to ‘fukin choke her’ in a Facebook status?

  8. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    hmmm Georgie’s joking right? For my own sanity, I’m going to pretend he’s just kidding…

  9. I’m going with Asiaa on that one British.

  10. I’d quite like to see a version of the Bible with Asiaa as the Jesus figure. Every parable would end with Asiaa getting confused and threating to fukin throttle some innocent bystander.

  11. JesusOnADinosaur

    I’m trying to imagine how the world would be like if Eve had been a good girl before I decide whether to go with Asiaa or not.

  12. @eenerbl: To be fair to Asiaa, according to the Bible it is kind of Eve’s fault that women go through so much pain during childbirth, and are meant to ‘serve’ men, so I can’t imagine she’s having too easy a time up there.

    Hell, I’d like to fukin choke her for indirectly causing ‘get in the kitchen and make me a sammich’ jokes.

  13. That’s a great visual British!

    I’m hoping so too…

  14. Well, I’ll be joining in the choking, childbirth sucks. Eve’s a bitch! She just had to have that damn apple.

  15. JesusOnADinosaur

    Shit, BH. I hadn’t thought of it that way.
    Sammich jokes? I’m definitely joining the choking.

  16. Asiaa’s church must use the Brothers Grimm version of the Bible.

  17. @14

    So that’s where the fairer sexes fascination with possessions spawned from? In that case move aside people, I’m joining the queue. I’ve got the piano wire ready to garotte Eve and then Asiaa for having the same name, albeit misspelt, as a continent and for generally dragging down the average IQ.

  18. to the woman he said,’i will greatly increase your pains in childbearing; with pain you will give birth to children. your desire will be for your husband, and he will rule over you as you remain in the kitchen to prepare delicious sammiches, bitch.’

  19. Cheers to the piano wire BananaRepublic! And sometimes I think my son is the spawn of Satan. At least once a week!

  20. Does the site look different to anyone else or is my computer messing up? o.O

  21. I hate you Eve… Your desires for Granny Smith apples and Jimmy Choo shoes warrant an eternity of pain…

    And where’s my sammich?

  22. Bin Larden!!!

  23. Actually, there’s no mention of an apple in the Garden of Eden myth.

  24. Perharps if God one day get´s pissed off and says Fuck Humanity, let´s erase them all, he could take Asiaa and Georgie to repoblate the earth. I´m sure they would probably make a dumb but very cute couple, living amongst animals and all. Unfortunatelly, unlike the other beasts, the human race would perish because they where to dumb to know how to procreate. PD: Sorry for my english! I´m not native

  25. Adam ate it, too….

  26. Wont Eve be in Hell? Surely committing a sin so great it affects womankind for eons warrants it? If not, there must be like, no one in Hell. Cept maybe Sadam Hussain. Or do I mean Bin Laden.

    Also its hanged not hung.

  27. @25

    Adam had an excuse, he was pussywhipped.

  28. Excuse my ignorance, but what’s this TER that Tiffany speaks of?

  29. TER = Tertiary Entrance Ranking.. think she must be Aussie

  30. Adam is a pussy! Life would have been a lot less painful if he would have stepped up to the plate and bitch slapped her. But then again, we’d all be walking around naked, and I kinda like wearing panties, rather then fig leaves. We were damned from the start.

  31. Actually I’ve heard rumours that Bin Laden is hung.
    If we could find the fucker, we could confirm what he’s packing south of the beard.

  32. Your definitely right. I don’t endorse spousal abuse at all but in Adams case I would have turned a blind eye while he fixed Eve up with a flashy pair of Irish sunglasses.

    I personally would like to be roaming through the green fields in the old birthday suit… Eat a dick Adam you spineless twat…

  33. looooooool

    I love people.

  34. If Eve had told the serpent to get bent, would Asiaa’s parents have named her something far less stupid than Asiaa?

  35. Someone should strangle Asiaa for being a monumental jackass.

  36. Chewbacca shagger

    18.danetta, Piss funny.
    I think Pixi is right. Eve isn’t in heaven! She totally fucked up gods high school project and ruined Adams life by eating the fruit. She’s in hell naked and screwing up everyone else’s fun.
    Adanm was a pussy. He shoulda backhanded da biach and said “where’s my sammich, bitch.”

  37. Bin Laden is probably dead too actually… so this guy isn’t completely off haha

  38. God damn, people are fucking stupid.

  39. Thanks, Melons.

  40. The speelng wuz whoreibl threw dat hole thng.

  41. I find it funny that everyone is saying that Georgie is a guy, when in fact that is a girls name. I know a girl called Georgie, never heard of a guy called it though. So Asiaa and Georgie will not be ‘repoblating’ the earth anytime soon, thank god. She heard the rumours right though, Bin Larden is so hung it’s scary.

  42. @36–i’ve never been called ‘piss funny’ before. i love this place.

  43. In Asiaa’s defense, I frequently confuse the Bible with ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’ too.

  44. @ willg

    i frequently confuse it with my rolling papers.

  45. lol

  46. Asiaa, even if this god nonsense was real you would not get into heaven. You’re to stupid!

  47. too*

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