Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Soup Setbacks

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  1. I just wanted more E’s and R’s!!!!

  2. “… was so offensive, our corporate office has considered stopping production of the soup altogether.”
    I didn’t know one customer had the power to take on a corporation!

  3. Well, you cannot spell Doucheeeerrrrr without E and R.

  4. You can’t spell Reeeetarrrd or Speeerrrrm Eeeeaterrrr without them either.

  5. Campbells alphabet soup is a fine product.

  6. hannibal-lecture

    I knew it was Steeeever as soon as I read the letter.

  7. To Campbells – Of course you will find his fucking poems offensive. He told you himself he wanted your assistance in writing HIS DIRTY POEMS! fucking fucktards……..and his recommendations are actually good…despite the fact that he can use them to improve his dirty poem writing.

  8. LiveAboveIgnorance

    Bitch, Cunt, Slut.

  9. It wasn’t like he was asking them to put macaroni shaped dicks in the soup.

  10. Fuck you.

  11. This is of course a fake letter that in no way came from Campbells, like many, many similar ones before it- lamebookers have got to quit falling for this crap, and it isn’t original or clever any more.

  12. ^Bugger off. Nobody here “falls” for anything. We’re just here to fuck with the posts and fuck with each other.

  13. B stands for bitch amiright nigga?

  14. Duh. That is clearly not a reply letter from Campbell’s. C’mon people, don’t be so gullible. The first clue is that the company is called “Campbell’s”, in the possessive, not “Campbells”

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