Monday, October 29, 2012

Spellcheck Yourself before you Wreck Yourself

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  1. Enhance.
    Looks like Chris…
    …ah, screw it, I’m not witty enough for this.

  2. Blue wifebeater singlet, use of the word “cunt”, inability to spell 5-letter words correctly… Does anyone else think this guy is Australian?

  3. ^ I do, but only because of the use of “cunt.” We don’t use that word as often here.

  4. I went on a European vacation. Did you know they have something called scones in England? What the fuck is a scone? I wonder if there are powdered scones.


  5. This is possibly the classiest tat I have ever seen.

    Let’s all hope Chris was smart enough to use a needle that wasn’t riddled with tetanus.

  6. You are all fucking stupid bastards.

  7. We have scones in the U.S., too.

  8. Powdered scones?

  9. Do you see a powdered scone man flying around?? NO!!

  10. I don’t see Powdered Toast Man flying around, either. He’s a has-been. Leave him be.

  11. I cannot even read the misspelled word lol

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