Monday, January 21, 2013

Spellcheck Yourself

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  1. LAMO

  2. (S)omeone (I)s (N)ow (G)oing (T)o (C)ry (T)hemselves (T)o (S)leep (A)fter (R)ealizing (T)hey (A)re (F)orever (A)lone.

  3. I don’t get the first one, and I’ve gone over it multiple times. Where’s the funny?

  4. Hmm hippo critical people in general piss me off, there is just something abouy them.

  5. @3 the letters in parenthesis spell singlie. the poster was trying to spell single.

  6. What’s wrong with pee soup?!

    It’s great when served with cackettes.

  7. Erin’s statement would have had more impact if it hadn’t had more typos than Cody’s.

  8. “Singlie”?
    “hippo critical”?
    “pee soup”?
    Ladies and gentlemen, I hereby present…*drumroll*…THE NEW GENERATION!! -_-

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