Wednesday, December 7, 2011


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  1. She probably wrote that note herself.
    Isn’t it just “Sexually transmitted disease” or “Sexually transmitted infection?”
    Surely no medical professional would write “sexually transmitted disease infection?”

  2. Judging by the date on the letter this has been floating around for a while.

    DOTD you are right. They are more likely to say “negative” than “no infections”. Also test results take more than a day so Jasmine appears to be fibbing to proove a point, not that I care.

  3. What the heck is and STD inJection? That doesn’t look like an “f” to me!

    And any dumbass dumb enough to bang a handwritten note, rather than a legit chart showing what she was even tested for, well, is a dumbass.

  4. ….and by bang a handwritten note, I mean bang the owner of said handwritten note.

    no one likes paper cuts.

  5. Jasmine is brave and Clayton is lying. He’s trying to use the SODDI Defense. I think he should attend the Children’s Clinic at Children’s Hospital and show us his authentic cover-letter, too.

  6. Haha, just playing Clayton, YOU NOW HAVE AIDS

  7. The Village Idiot

    @ dragonfly. The initials on the form say B.D which I assume means Birth Date and was born in 93

  8. Wow. What happened to Clayton happened to me. She went all ‘it’s complicated’, then went to Cambodia for holidays and screwed numerous guys, then came home and started dating a friend of mine, gave him herpes, then told all of our friends it was MY fault. I got tested (negative) just to be sure. She believed that because I had shingles while we dated, I gave her genital herpes. Idiot.

  9. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    Also, if you go to a genito-urinary clinic for a test, you get given actual test results; not just an appointment slip saying you turned up and then something scribbled on it.

  10. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    So I’ve heard *ahem*

  11. /\ bahahahaha!

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  13. skylover. There is a correlation between your name and your pariah-like levels of social isolation, isn’t there?

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