Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sweet Karolina

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  1. Actually Schwarzschild discovered the black hole.


  3. They truly do walk among us….

  4. And they are allowed to reproduce. Frightening.

  5. And they live in the North and South…Scary!!

  6. this is a genuine conversation that i was fortunate to watch unfold but laughing too much to participate. and this is just a small portion of it – it acutally went on for 323 posts!

  7. What do mayonnaise and Michael Jackson have in common?


    Please, please, for the love of all imaginary deities that ignorant people worship, please tell me this is a troll.

  9. The Village Idiot

    If people are honestly this dumb, we are soo fucked. Why can’t people use Google? I’m not the brightest, crayon in the box but I still, have common sense.

  10. The Village Idiot

    @ Jools45. You must find her posts really entertaining to read! I wish I had some slow people on my friends list a side from a bunch of neanderthals questioning each others sexualities by calling each other F*gs and comparing penis sizes. It’s sad that people are that slow but you might as well, get entertained by peoples stupidity.

  11. Village, idiot, you need to learn, how and when to use, commas. Practice with your, crayons.

  12. bradles, thumbs, up,

  13. shits dark matter.. lol

  14. I’m gonna tell this slut I have a two foot dick. She’ll far for it.

  15. If I may rip off Bill Hicks, then it is obvious that Karolina was conceived with a weak sperm, either that or her Pater was having a lazy wank and mummykins jumped on at the last minute.

    What’s that I can hear? Oh yeah, the standards slipping.

  16. tactictoe…tactictoe…tactictoe…
    pretty sure what you are hearing is the hot, gritty wind of irony.
    ‘lazy wank’≠retard.
    Although it is possible you are both of those things.

  17. Love the Bojangles scale. I know so many people who can be measured on that one! LOL

  18. Guys – it gets worse. I know Karolina, she’s actually in my sixth form believe it or not, and she want’s to do Law at university. od help us all.

  19. MsAnnaThrope, salutations.

    First of all, I’m not Beetlejuice, you do not have to write my name thrice to summon me.

    I’m hearing a lot of wind (hot air), not much else though.

    Carry on.

  20. @electricfish… I truly feel sympathy for you. Is she really that “stoopid”?

  21. This girl spent this much time asking questions on FB, but didn’t bother to Google it herself? I call BS.

  22. To Prawnofsatan.. she did google it if you read above she says and i quote “i did and this guy in a wheelchair comes up and i dont understand any of the writing :S”

  23. I don’t want to live on this planet anymore. . .

  24. Really?

  25. @ darthkitsune, What and leave us with fuckin’ idiots like this?
    Don’t even think about it 😉

  26. Or if you have made some kind of rocket and plan to move to another planet, I’ll have ten tickets please.

  27. @GadFly – Regrettably yes, she really is.

  28. She was trying to figure out what dark matter was, and her first guess/assumption was DUCK BLOOD.
    What. in. the. fuck….girl, what…

  29. :S Asloooo, like, girlllll!
    Who is heeee? :p

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