Monday, July 4, 2011

Tag You’re It!

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  1. Bipolar Amoeba

    First!! Yawn… next…

  2. tl;dr

  3. 3rd…and that guy is such a freaken bitch. FORCE CHOKE

  4. Mark = Lame…………..

  5. *therefore

  6. Wasn’t this post on here before? I remember reading it here awhile ago.

  7. Too much effort for a corny ass joke.

  8. What a gigantic ball of lame.

  9. slappysquirrel

    i just wanna know why someone would do that, i mean, c’mon now

  10. Yeah kal, about two years ago.

  11. What pointless douchebaggery.

  12. This is ancient. Total fail.

  13. 4 Inches of Awesome

    Am I the only one that thought eating “long overdue sushi” would lead to food poisoning?

  14. Mark’s a fuckin douche

  15. Mark *is* a stupid douche, and you know he sat there giggling at himself the whole time he was typing his stupid fucking lameass status.

    Shame that sushi wasn’t full of mercury or something.

  16. comparethemeerkat

    Moderate that you fascists.

  17. comparethemeerkat

    ‘What a ‘seeyouentee’ for plagiarising.. And this wasn’t even funny the first time this was on Lamebook.

  18. If she actually does it, it would still be funny. Hope springs eternal.

  19. I find it funny. =P

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