Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Thanks Bekah

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  1. Why the fuck would you get engaged at 17unless your girlfriend is pregnant? Benjam is a pussy.

  2. are “benjam” and “benjamin” different people? wtf is up with everyone’s names today: magan, benjam, bekah. btw i like to think of the pronunciation of bekah as something akin to the a chicken clucking.

  3. Eish. People can be harsh… Bekah’s been burned it seems.

  4. pseudonympersona

    Wow, what a bitch. Because you know, breaking up is totally painless the first time. It’s only when you’re older/wiser/more mature that you come to feel a deep, agonizing pain when you’re broken up with.

    So the guy is upset and he’s having a hard time dealing. Leave him alone, don’t step all over his feelings again. I think she’s the one who needs to shut the fuck up.

  5. Bekah is just so damn cool she had to take 11 hours to come up with this burn on a child, hit print screen then submit it. Cool as fuck.

  6. ^Sounds like you spend too much time on Facebook

  7. vaginalroundhouse

    He’s Ben Jamin. I know people in high school that couldn’t wait to get married, guys and girls. Quite pathetic if you ask me.

  8. Huge misunderstanding. Benjam and Benjamin are two different distinct people and were actually engaged to one another. Benjam is a traditionalist that doesn’t believe in lube, hence Benjamin claims that others have no idea how much taking it in the backdoor hurts.

    Bekah is clearly the sort of old handbag that you find when searching for “mature” on Internet porn sites, and is claiming that they should cease an opinion on the topic as they have yet to experience the full and sully degradation she has through her chosen profession.

    It’s all quite simple really.

  9. Bekah sounds like she might be his mum.

  10. slicingupeyeballs

    or his precocious daughter…

  11. Bekah got it right.

  12. Bekah should shut the fuck up; she is way too young to be posting on facebook, especially with that kind of language.

  13. ^how bloody drunk are you right now?

  14. I don’t believe heroin makes you “drunk”. Or ether.

  15. ‘intoxicated’.

  16. Drunk with joy Hawkbit, I’m partial to iv pharma myself…now that you mention it, it’s about that time…

  17. Bekah got it right, nobody wants to read about some whiny teenager who thinks his puppy love was special and who was stupid enough to get engaged at 17 (or younger).

  18. TheLastOneHeEverCrossed

    Not all young love is puupy love. Not all young love isn’t real. Don’t judge people based on their age. Some people mature faster than others. Some people have been through things that caused them to mature quickly. So before you call someone young and naive, remember you don’t know their past and you don’t know who they are. Just don’t judge people.

  19. this girl above me is probably 17 years old

  20. Bekah, thank you. More teens need to hear that.

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