Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Thanks, Bob

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  1. You know those people who go to restaurants and look for couple who are sitting on the same side?

    No? Well, meet Bobby.


  3. I think they’re a sweet couple.

    But I would still get Britnee drunk and fuck her.

  4. ^^^^^^Walter, my life is now complete thanks to you.

  5. Now I’m sure we’re all in agreement that we would get britnee drunk and bang her, but let’s not make any assumptions about how sweet a couple they are. I’m pretty sure Noah will come home drunk one night and cyber bully the crap out of her..then he might end up in facebook prison. Seriously, has anyone else seen those stupid ads about cyber bullying? What happened to the good old days when people just hit each other?

  6. slicingupeyeballs

    Noah, I’m guessing you and Britnee are young, she still has nipples pointing skywards and is occasionally letting you finger her. I’m pleased for you, really…

    Just be aware she WILL turn into an overweight, mental, sexless control freak, as she possesses a vagina…

  7. @slicingupeyeballs
    lol..this “vagina” will never become an overweight, mental, sexless control freak. You poor fella.

  8. … my boyfriend and I sit at the same side of the table at restaurants sometimes…

  9. And Bobby’s judging you for it Lulz.

  10. I always just assume someone is getting a handy when I see a couple sitting on the same side of a booth. But I’m a romantic.

  11. I am a little jealous; just look at those hearts. I did not know you could do that on FB…

  12. Hi Lulz, how’ve you been?

  13. What is a mostester??

  14. The best thing about this is that 33 ppl liked bobby’s post

  15. @jr888

    It’s like a molester, only with heart emoticons.

  16. took the words right out of my mouth #14

  17. Sitting next to people at restaurants is my preferred seating arrangement. Not for the cheesy romantic aspect of it, but because I hate watching people eat. Eating is a very unattractive activity. I have a friend who can’t breathe through her nose. Watching her eat is like watching a culinary horror movie. So, by sitting next to her, only my peripheral vision on one side is affected. Small mercies.

    Hawkbit, ♥ you.

  18. I also read mostester as molester.

  19. Soooooooooo this whole time I thought it said “molest” and “molester.”

    Walter, I have been meh. How have you been?

    Hawkbit, don’t be jealous of their <3's. Just make some of your own.

    And duh we're getting handy when we sit on the same side of the table. His dick ain't gonna yank itself.

    ….too far?

  20. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Miss Shegas #10 what you mean to say is BECAUSE, because you are a romantic.

  21. That would have been a lot better had it actually turned into a heart. I ruined it!

  22. Not in my eyes, Lulzy.

  23. That comment was for your comment #19. You type too fucking fast, girl. But you know I still ♥ you.

  24. I know I type too fast! Which is why I’m gonna use these hands to make lotsa money.

    [that was a dick joke]

  25. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    How is your grip then Lulz?

  26. That’s too bad that you’ve only been meh, Lulz. I’ve been really good. I have a interview next week and I wasn’t even looking for another job. (That’s always a good thing.)

    So what are you doing after this?

  27. I’ve got a death grip, Dukey.

    Walt, I just lost my job. My asshole boss decided to tell everyone that I quit and my schedule got filled and I definitely did not quit. That along with a shit ton of sexual harassment and they’re gonna find themselves in court. 🙂

    I… am going to bed. It’s past midnight here and I’ve been sick and lazy all day.

  28. I can vouch for her hands.

  29. I wish I could “like” your comment, word.

  30. You did, sweet cheeks. Night.

  31. That sucks Lulz. So I guess as you don’t have to wake up early to go to work tomorrow, you might as well let me take you out for some drinks. I’ll be at your place in 7 minutes and 43 seconds. See you soon.

  32. Okay well I’ve been waiting up and you never showed. Now I’m crying while masturbating and using my tears as lube. See if I ever agree to go out for drinks with you again.

  33. slicingupeyeballs

    re your comment “lol..this “vagina” will never become an overweight, mental, sexless control freak.”

    all vag owners say that…

  34. Oh is it like more – most – mostest ?

    That’s stupid.

    But the post is nice ♥

    and Bobby and 33 people should shut up.

  35. This post is cute. Sometimes me and mine sit on the same side of the table. We just have light conversation instead of giant loads of “I wuvvie you <3<3<3 kiss kiss kiss overkill" crap

  36. Christ.

  37. Noah, you molester. Hey word, I’m sad I can’t do hearts like yours 🙁

  38. Ps Lulz, Walter stood you up? How could he! Lulz FTW.

  39. curly, ☎ me, and I’ll tell you how to do it. Dexter is on soon. Gotta run. I ♥ Thursday night.

  40. So jealous!

  41. Whenever i’m being milked off in a restaurant, i prefer the milk maid to be sat opposite me, using her feet on my love pipe.

    This way she can look deep into my eyes, when i start pulling my sexy, squinty, squirt face and making her toes wet.

  42. I usually sit at a table alone, weeping and masturbating furiously.

  43. Haha, you’re really cute Lulz. But you don’t have to pretend. Nobody here is going to tell your boyfriend what we did.

  44. I heard Noah built a boat many years ago. He was an animal lover, so he gathered all sorts of god’s creatures to go on a wonderful journey with him. But no chickens. He just never had any use for a cock.

  45. Well thats why there’s an “ignore” button.

  46. Wow guys… There IS a sweeter side to you all, and it’s kinda creepy

  47. If I could like your post, #46, I would.

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