Monday, April 28, 2014

Thanks for Dinner

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  1. The Beast Among Us

    How many guesses until you got the security code right?

  2. H.R. Poopinpants

    ^ 125,000 guesses, give or take a few.

  3. ^^ Security code is not mandatory to process a payment. Some merchants accept payments without it. (like Amazon). And it is a three digit code, so…it’s kinda hard to guess how many combinations that is… 😀 (whisper: A thousand!)

  4. OMG! So happy for your kid! His first credit-card. What a joy.

  5. Has the absence of rape warnings been discussed on an earlier post? Haven’t been around in a while. There are some certain situations I’ve encountered on Facebook that have me worried and wondering about the prospect of getting raped if I do the wrong thing.

  6. People, probably rapists, seem to get mad about my warnings.
    I decided I had warned you folks enough.

    Should I again believe you need warnings, I’ll post such. the rapists shall not win!

  7. The Beast Among Us

    I didn’t ask how many possible security code combinations there were to a Visa card. I asked how many guesses it took for Blue to get it right.

  8. Is it rape if she pays me with her son’s first credit card?

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  10. Aw, what a milestone. Followed right after by Dustin’s first time being a victim of identity theft.

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