Monday, December 24, 2012

The Animal Lover

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  1. What?

  2. Fake

  3. No, but I’ll fuck you like an animal.

  4. That was mildly amusing

  5. Kudos to the woman who for no reason whatsoever (unless you were actually making love to an animal) stops you to ask if you are an animal lover. And kudos to you for a response that is as banal and as devoid of novelty as Britney Spears’s **gina.
    BTW that reminds me of a true story. I was walking with my cannibal friend when a woman in the street just stopped him and asked him if he liked clowns. He said, “no, they taste funny.” She promptly called him a prick BUT walked away. True story.

  6. ^Did you just censor the word vagina? That’s got to be the most immature thing I’ve seen here and considering where we are…

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  8. Frankie, he didn’t sensor “vagina,” he censored “angina,” which I didn’t know Britney was experiencing right now.

  9. If the woman happened to be one of those annoying chuggers (charity muggers) in the UK who harass the living shit out of people on the high street, then this is a fantastic comeback.

  10. ^That’s what I assumed was happening.

    Poor britney, after all she’s been through, she now has to cope with a banal and novelty-less angina.

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