Monday, December 16, 2013

The Best Possible Outcome

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  1. Stupid Dane, it’s over to you

  2. I believe I’ve earlier made a warning against such thing, but well, here goes again…

    If you keep hitchhiking lifts from strange men, it’s your own fault if you get raped!

  3. (Not) FIRRRRRRRRSSSSSST! Fuck you very much ‘errybody!

  4. ^ demand all your education expenses back. You leech on the taxpayer and steal precious oxygen that dung beetles may use. Apart from that I Lust Steeeeveeer, good work with your comments. Value adding.

  5. The molar express

  6. the molar express?
    what the fuck does that even mean?

  7. ^The molar express.
    That’s what it means.

  8. Barbara B. Porter

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  9. wait, so you just took the first word that rhymes with polar? that’s it?
    there’s no witty dental word play I’m missing here?

  10. The Beast Among Us

    ^ It’s a long, train-shaped structure that runs back and forth along your molars.

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